Is not going to Church every Sunday a mortal sin?

I am an IT specialist and all the jobs that i had untill now were on shifts:day shifts, night shifts, weekend shifts. And i can’t change it since ussually the IT jobs, especially IT support like mine means 24/7 support. That is why there are Sunday or other Holidays when i just can’t go to the Church because i have to work. I even worked on Christmas Eve the whole night and then in the morning after the shift was over I went dirrectly to Church for the Christmas mass.
Is this really a mortal sin? I am thinking that there are other people like me: doctors, bus drivers, shop assistens, policemen and other people that provide us with heating, electricity, water etc.


The Church only expects you to do what you can. If you can’t be present because of illness, or weather or having to work, there is no sin. Your IT work is your livelihood. It’s only a sin if you are able to attend Mass and don’t.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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