Is not liking something bad?

I kinda wanna ask about this because in this case I don’t feel like it fits as “childish rejection of stuff”

For example, someone made food for meal, but it’s food another person doesn’t like, but it’s not like it simply tastes bad but it’s something that the person could kinda like be afraid it would be actually something worse, like that they dislike it and it would make them throw up.

Would it be bad to not take something due to not exactly liking it?

We should not waste food. But, if a food will make you sick, there is no obligation to eat it. However, tell the host not to serve it to you because it will be wasted. Many people have various health reasons that they cannot eat certain foods such as allergies and drug interactions.

If it is merely that you don’t like the food and feel you would gag if you had to eat it, you should fast a long while to appreciate wholesome food set before you no matter what it is! Many people in the world are not in a position to refuse food. Some have even been known to eat actual dirt just to stop the hunger pains. You need humility and gratitude.

It’s okay to not accept food one doesn’t like, especially in a case like that! It’d be prudent to just do it diplomatically. We’re also not expected to like all foods.

As to wasting food, vomiting it up would also be a waste of food! Better to save it for someone who will eat it and appreciate it!

Ha! I just did this an hour ago. I don’t like sauces, save for BBQ and tomato based for the most part.

So I come home and my wife makes chicken scampi with a white sauce.

No thanks on the sauce.

Now in our family, we leave all the parts of a meal separate with some meals, so it’s easy to avoid things you don’t like and those that do like things, get more of it.

So I took the chicken and pasta and left the sauce for my wife and the kids who like it.

All are happy.

However, your question is situational. When I was in Tokyo for work, I ate a lot of food I would never order because it would be rude. A lot of raw food. Octopus and eel are the most memorable.

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