Is not making restitution a sin?

for example, if you lied about something, went to confession and then managed to fix the situation without telling the person you lied, is it a sin? do you alwys to tell the other person you did something wrong?

or if you stole something but then put it back quietly or paid it back without admitting to whaqt you did, is it still acceptable?

another sort of related question, is it a sin to not do the penance prescribed by your confessor?

also, in regards to confession, shouldn’t restitution be prescribed more often? i feel like i’m being let off easy sometimes. then again, i guess God is letting us off easy with a lot of things.

Here is the way to look at “restitution”:

Let’s say you were in college and your roommate had just finished a very long term paper on the computer. Now you use the same computer and inadvertently delete the entire term paper. You are mortified. you feel terrible, You admit the error to your roommate and beg forgiveness. He/she forgives you and you feel so relieved that you go out to a movie while your roommate stays home all night reconstructing the term paper.
Honest restitution as well as decency would require you to help your roommate reconstruct the term paper.

To be more specific to your question…if you made an honest restitution (fixed it) and by not admitting it to the injured party caused no harm…there would be no need to tell the other person. But then I am not a confessor. Your priest may have a different view and I would defer to him. Remember he has the power to forgive sins…or retain them.

ok, i’ll ask at my next confession.

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