Is not mentioning something considered lying?

if someone asks you not to do something but you already did it, it not telling them that you did it a sin?

my great aunt just got admitted to palliative care and I’m supposed to be going on a mission soon. my mom didn’t want me to mention it to the staff people just yet but I thought it was important that they know that I may need to be absent for a few days to go visit my aunt. problem is, I had already sent them a message before she told me not to say anything. but I didn’t tell her I already did it.

she was already in a bad mood and I didn’t want to get in to another argument. she said to wait until it was actually confirmed so I just sort of gave a vague “ok” and left it at that. which is already what i told them, that it wasn’t confirmed yet. but now I’m having second thoughts. would I be wrong to take communion today over this?

also if you guys could please pray for my aunt. thanks

Sometimes, silence can communicate messages, but I’m not entirely sure that your response was silence. It sounds like you communicated to your mother that 1) you consented to her decision 2) you had not yet sent the group a message on the matter.

The communion question is a tough one - hopefully someone else can advise.

yeah, I guess that is what she now believes since I was largely unresponsive. does it classify as a matter of mortal sin though?

I didn’t know what else to do, I just couldn’t get in to another fight with her and I didn’t want to outright lie, but maybe I ended up doing so anyways. sigh…

As you have explained it, your intention to be honest and up front with the mission staff people is commendable. You did not say how far away the mission assignment is or whether a visit would take time away from the mission. Example: working with children does require a certain ratio of adults to children be maintained at all times. Thus, late notice could force mission staff to violate a requirement or force you to forego the visit to your relative. Replacements may not be easy to find and it often takes time.

Your concern seems to be with not wanting to upset your mother. Also commendable. And thus, you may have needed to wait for a better mood and for thinking how to say it honestly and positively. But you cannot wait too long.

You explained that you had already sent a message BEFORE your mother said to delay. You cannot unring a bell. You did not violate her command because it was unknown to you when you sent the message. But you do owe her an explanation as soon as conditions are right - usually within hours or a day.

Only a mortal sin prevents us from receiving Holy Eucharist. 1) It has to be a grave matter, not just a minor infraction. 2. You have to know it is a grave matter. 3. You have to willingly do it knowing 1 and 2 apply. If all 3 apply, it is a mortal sin.

It sounds as though you over share way too much information with your mother in the first place. If she gets angry with you about minor things, just don’t tell her things that might upset her. Adults do not need to tell their parents everything that they say or do. In any case, refuse to argue with her in response.

that’s what I try to do, she always wants to know everything though

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