Is not praying at mass and not praying before meals a sin

A lady named Lily said something about not praying at mass, being a sin. Is this true or bogus. Also is not praying before meals a sin?

It’s the duty of a Christian to pray before every meal and to give thanks to God afterwards.

How could one not pray at Mass. The whole Mass is a series of prayers. If one refuses to pray during Mass, why are they there at all? Sometimes we need to have a good talk with ourselves and the Lord. I think Lily should talk to her priest about this. Maybe she is experiencing a dry spell and needs a little encouragement. God Bless, Memaw

Can you show me in the CCC where this is taught.

Thank you, everyone should know that!! The Church has always taught to say Grace before and after meals. God Bless, Memaw

‘If it be the duty of a Christian to pray to God before meals, he is not less bound to thank him after having made use of the gifts which came from his bountiful hand. It is, therefore, necessary to make, after every meal, a short but fervent act of thanksgiving.’

St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, ‘Duty of a Christian Towards God’

Yes it’s a mark of a Christian and Christian family! :slight_smile:

Before everyone:

  1. Makes generalized statements; or
  2. Gives “high fives” of agreement with others’ generalized statements…

…could someone do as Thistle (and I) ask and give some binding authority for the proposition that, for example, it’s a sin not to pray before meals?

Come ON, people: Routine posters ought to know that this board is heavily, heavily frequented by OCD sufferers, those with extreme scrupulosity; those who are immature; those who see sin everywhere, etc. Now before some people line up to declare that “not doing X is a sin,” please consider that telling others “not doing X is a sin,” without valid binding authority, is just feeding into the sufferings of those with such OCD etc. issues…

…and I’ve certainly seen no binding authority that not praying before a meal is a sin.

Not praying before meals is unwise and rude, probably.
It’s one of those things that people that are aware of their blessings just do.
Now, to willingly be ungrateful for blessings, is probably sinful, not giving the Lord His due.
But I can’t find anywhere where it has been declared a sin.

Now, being at Mass, being the presence of the Lord, being with His people and his priest, and just sitting there like a lump, believing that you’re covered because you showed up is really bad form.
It would be something for a person to discern and decide WHY are they ignoring the obvious, WHY are they refusing to participate? It could be for sinful reasons. :shrug:
But that’s where our own personal responsibility comes in.
Sometimes people say things to grab our attention, and hopefully force us to re-evaluate our sense of the spiritual, our relationship with God. It can backfire if we’re scrupulous, or we feel hounded about it. :dts:
OP, consider the person’s motive for what she said.
Was she acting out of concern for you?
Was she just being nosy?
Was she trying to see if she could influence you to more pious practices?
Whatever the case, try not to view everything through the lens of

We behave the way we do out of love for God, hopefully. Not because we think we’re going to get slammed one day by God. He’s not waiting for us to screw up.
He’s waiting for us to do the right thing.
Let’s work on that.
Doing the bare minimum is likely not real impressive to the Most High.
We’re all a work in progress. Every day we should strive to be better people, follow the Commandments, and be the hands and feet of Christ. In this most Holy Season of Lent, we have the great opportunity to reflect on the Passion. Humbling stuff.

LilyM was explaining that all of the different types and forms of prayer (e.g., the rosary, stations of the cross, meditation, chaplet of divine mercy, etc), the only one that is strictly compulsory is the Mass. As Catholics, we are required to attend Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days. The Mass itself is a prayer and comprised of prayers and it includes union with God himself in the Holy Eucharist. This is what she meant when she said it was a sin to avoid the prayer of the Holy Mass.

I don’t really pray most of the prayers at Mass that are specifically for the Mass during the Mass because it’s too hard to focus on praying for me if I’m praying out loud. I still say all the words I’m supposed to and I pray my own prayers in my head during the Mass when there are no words to say. I always assumed God was okay with this and I still think He is.

I do pray at mass, in fact whether or not I am at mass I pray, the difference with me being at mass is usually I get spiritual direction of some sorts and it helps. It also makes a big difference for me if I say the prayers, in a way it is fun.

But what about praying before or after meals? I don’t usually do this because I thank God throughout the day usually just in general type of things. But anyway I never really made praying before or after meals a thing that I do.

Also is showing up late to mass a sin as well? I am trying to show up earlier but it is hard for me to be a morning person. I will try harder but yea is it a sin. I think I may be scrupulous

Talk about judging people!!!

What you quoted is not a Church teaching - “St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, ‘Duty of a Christian Towards God’”.
Private opinions even of saints are not Church teachings.

Please show us where in the CCC the Church teaches that we are required to pray prior to meals.
You say it is required ('our duty") which would mean its a sin not to do so. As you are stating this as a fact and in effect saying those who don’t are sinners you must surely be able to direct us to the Church teaching.

You are scrupulous dear. Try to obtain a good spiritual director to help you overcome this,. It can become crippling, and Jesus doesn’t want that for you.
Prayer is good. Try to remember to say grace, but if you forget? Don’t beat yourself up over it. You certainly say in your head (with a bite of food in your mouth) “oh wow Jesus, this food is so good! Thank you so much!”
I do that often myself! LOL
The point of grace is not only thanksgiving, but to remember in prayer those who have little or nothing to eat. Which in today’s world is millions.
Give thanks, be humble and pray.

You know what, thank you. I never looked at this way, I rather do this now because I want to not because I have to. God bless you, you helped me.

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