Is not tithing "un-biblical"?


My Protestant friend told me that if Catholics were “biblical” we would be required (not just recommended) to tithe because it is right there in the bible. If Catholics are not required to tithe, how do I answer that?


Has your friend plucked out his or her eye? Surely this person, if sincere, would admit to having sinned with eye. Jesus said to pluck it out and throw it away… Ask your friend why he or she hasn’t listened to this rather clear direcctive.


You could go further than that. Ask them why they don’t follow all Jewish traditions. Eating certain foods, having a fence on your roof, etc., etc,…


I am a conservative Protestant theologian who agrees with the official Roman Catholic position that tithing is not required for New Covenant Christians. I am not alone either. Although very far from the majority there are tens of thousands who agree with me including top theologians, church historians and seminaries. Those who agree with tithing will not debate us on the subject becasue they simply cannot justify their theology with the Bible. I have a 10 page 19 point essay on my web site and challenge any of them to dispute even one point of it. They have not done so yet.


Jesus answers this question in the incident with the fish and coins. Personally I suspect it wasn’t a miracle but a conjuring trick, and He was messing about. There is a strong case for tithing, but, as with the correct level of secular taxation, Church fundraising is a matter for adminstrative types rather than moralists and theologicans.


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