Is not wearing a mask a sin?

In my state, masks are “strongly recommended”, but not mandatory. Would it be a sin not to wear one?

I don’t think it would be a sin, but it’s probably more sensible to wear one if that’s what you are being told to do. If it actually becomes mandatory, it would be a sin not to comply.

I live in San Francisco and I wear a mask. My family in New York also wear masks. My fiancé and other friends in the UK do not have to wear masks and mostly don’t. People in London are told to wear face coverings on public transportation, so that is a special case. It is unclear whether wearing a mask is even helpful anyway.

No. The science on masks-for-all is too ambiguous to make any case for a moral obligation.

I think that we’ve already had a thread on this. You are more than welcome to use the search feature to look it up.

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It’s a prudential matter, but there could definitely be situations where someone is being careless to a sinful degeee.

Not if it’s not mandated and you are not around the very vulnerable when you don’t wear one. Now as a Sacristan, Father has asked us to wear one when setting up & clearing the Altar of the vessels before & after Mass and in the Sacristy. If I didn’t do that I would think that was a sin of pride and of disobedience because he asked us to.

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