Is one Decade of the Rosary a day satisfactory?

Hello people,
I am wondering about this as being a teenager, I find it hard to pray at night more then 1 a day as I wish to accomodate other prayers and have to get up early typically in the morning, I want to try and fit other rosaries in but I find it hard to find time with exams, study etc. Is praying one a night with other prayers still alright?

I’m a senior in high school, I find time to pray the entire rosary 2-3 times a day. Maybe before you start to study just take that 15-20 min to pray the rosary. Or if you have time, on your way to school. Find the time of they day of when you have free time.:thumbsup: All it takes for the entire rosary is 15-20 min. Don’t think you don’t have time.

-Any- amount of prayer is positive, so yeah, doing a single decade is good. If you can, try to add the decades one at a time though, you might find yourself having more time.

I guess it’s about priorities. If you want to pray the rosary, pray the whole thing with your whole heart. If you can’t find the time, that’s okay, too, you don’t NEED to pray the rosary. If you can’t find 15-20 minutes in your day to pray a rosary, though, you may be over-booked, :confused:

Better a decade said fervently and attentively than five decades in a desultory manner.

You can try to make saying the full rosary a priority, but I would add that praying one decade is certainly better than not praying at all! You seem to sense by choosing the word “satisfactory” that you might wish to pray more, maybe a full rosary, and that is good. There was a long period in my life, between work and family obligations, when I only prayed, without fail, one decade of the rosary every day. Some days I would pray a full rosary, but always I managed to say that one decade. And I often raised my mind to God in prayer briefly throughout those busy days, and I’m sure you can do that too (and possibly already do). Now that I’m retired, I have the blessing of more time for the full rosary, and you can look forward to this as well. Keep that desire you feel for prayer alive.

Not everyone is able – or inclined – to pray 5 (or more) decades every day. What you’re doing is absolutely fine.

You mentioned that you are praying other prayers, and that is very good. The saints generally agree that 15 minutes if prayer/day satisfies *justice, *that we owe that to God, Who created us and sent His Son to die for us. After that, the prayer is good because it is in charity, or love, for God. :slight_smile:

From prior posts, scrupulosity is a struggle of yours. Please talk to your priest about your ongoing struggle regarding how much is “enough” prayer.

There is no rule regarding prayer. Prayer is a private devotion. You can pray one decade of the rosary, or no decades. There is no obligation to pray the rosary at all, let alone a specific amount of it.

I find it very commendable that you say one decade of the rosary plus other prayers every day. A lot of teens are taking drugs, talking dirty and getting into other kinds of mischief.

I believe Jesus & the Blessed Mother are pleased with your efforts. Keep the 10 Commandments, go to Confession & Communion, stay close to the Lord & pray for help in your life and you are on the right track! :thumbsup:

This sums up my thoughts pretty well. If you can only reverently/attentively say one decade, then I wouldn’t force yourself to do more than that. But of course, if you can do more, and you are able to set aside more time along with the other prayers you are saying, you may as well do more if you want. As others have said, prayer is a private devotion, and as long as you are praying, it’s up to you to decide how to spend your prayer time. Just make sure you also set aside time for non-verbal prayer time, so you can listen to what God has to say to you as well. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

its a great start. Do what makes you feel comfortable and content. Don’t stress but enjoy the rosary your already doing. Praying should be a joy.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Pray anytime, however you like. You are currently praying more formal prayers than a lot of others.

Keep it up and enjoy the graces God gives you! :slight_smile:


When I was a teenager, I prayed one decade of the rosary each night, too, in addition to the other prayers I liked to pray. :slight_smile:

“As long as there are tests at school, there will be prayer at school”-unknown.

Your spiritual physic is formed by prayer. When we have not been working on our spiritual physic, prayer will be harder. I remember my first confession after being away from the Church (prodigal daughter tour) and for my penance, I was given a decade of the rosary. I had to ask what a decade meant? … Did this include the Our Father? … Include Glory Be? … Where can I find how to say Hail Mary … Then the Priest asked, “Are you even Catholic?” => yes, but I’ve been MIA since childhood … Well, it took me three hours to say a decade of the Rosary!!! Today, I can say a decade of the rosary in the shower without blinking. So, to answer your question, a decade of the Rosary is building your spiritual physic, but how fit do YOU want your spirit to be will determined by your desire to be close to God .

Thank you everyone for your comments and replies! It has really made me feel much more positive and worthwhile to do my rosary and enjoy it even more! I especially enjoyed how people said its better to do one that is dedicated then rambling off 5. I think it’s a bit of my scrupulous on the thread but thank you to all who have commented! You have helped me to be a better person in prayer!

God Bless!


There are no rules from God nor from the Church on what prayers to pray. The only thing important is to pray in the first place.

1 good rosary done with lot’s of love and sweetness is better than 2-3 shotgun rosaries(those done hurriedly). :slight_smile:

It is better than not praying at all.

Maybe you could build up slowly.

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