Is Our Universe Infinite?


I was reading the Heaven and Hell topic which made me wonder just how big the universe is. I Googled it and found a topic written in the summer of 2017 and it says the universe is probably infinite in size.

Since God is infinite, how can the universe be infinite?

I think the Bible says or implies that the universe is finite.
Does this mean our Bible or Catholicism is wrong?


We can’t determine if the universe is finite or inifinite.
As some physicist have suggested,
from the big bang the universe started expanding, creating everything and its speculated that its expanding to this day, and that the universe would be infinite if we had infinite time for it to expand.

I don’t see how it would contradict the Bible or Catholicism though.
The size of the universe does not determine the time length of the universe. In fact due to entrophy,
the world is always leaning to an action that can acomplish an end, which is interesting.
I think the earth also has a similliar property, slowly dying out in a way.
I am not a professional at this, so hear others out, but thats how I see it.
And also, who says God who is infinite can’t create something that is infinite ?
Time has the possibility of being infinite but it doesn’t disprove God.
The universe can have the same principle just that its based on volume. Its also impossible to see this objectively as there is no way to measure it ( atleast not now) so its highly speculatory.


I think just saying something was created is giving a thing a beginning which kills the idea of infinite…no beginning, no end…


Well we don’t mean infinite in that sense here. That is more of a timely infinite. What I mean by infinite here is more of stretching from 0 to +infinity. I don’t think we have anything in nature that goes into -infinity.


No, because the article doesn’t say the Universe didn’t have a beginning, just that it goes on forever in size.
I’ll try to link it.


It’s expanding indefinitely but it’s finite concerning material. The end of Time will be here sooner than it’s gonna take to see the end of the universe



No one knows when the end of the world will be.


I’ll bet you it comes here in less than 1,000years


Thats highly optimistic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Like I said, no one knows…but let’s please stay on topic.


According to the article I linked which was written recently, making me assume it has the most up-to-date info,it says the Universe is infinite in size.


You figure Jesus already came once. The Blessed Mother has been warning us for decades about calamities. According to approved prophecy (Desmond A. Birch: Trial Tribulation and Triumph) we’re near the age of peace that precedes the Antichrist. We have several centuries but I contend that we’re getting closer. Far closer than at any time before.


Please start another thread if you want to discuss that.


Meh. Just stating my case. It’s all connected at some point


So the infinite in time God could make an infinite in size Universe? I’m confused.


The physical universe is finite, and it will come to an end some day.
But the spiritual soul of a human being is immortal.


Pretty much. Since what we observe is a constantly expanding universe (Don’t know if thats 100% true or not), if its expanding that means that space as the 3rd dimension is getting bigger the bigger the time passed.
So a God who is infinite in time, and the creator of time itself, can create an infinite in size universe if he so wills. I don’t see why he couldn’t. Its not a logical imposibility like a square circle , so I think its fine.


You say the Universe is finite. Do you have a source for that, written after mine?


Doesn’t theBiblesay, somewhere, that the size of the Universe is finite?

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