Is passionate kissing a sin?

My girlfriend and I were friends for roughly 7 months before we went into a relationship. We have been very happy with each other. We have never had sex and have set a boundary for that. But I wondering one thing is “making out” a sin?
I waited 2 months for our first kiss so that we could build a strong relationship. We love doing stuff together such as fishing, hiking and etc. but only on some nights when we’re watching a movie is when we make out. We don’t French kiss but our “making out” is just several passionate kisses. This doesn’t lead to any temptation or immoral acts so I don’t feel that our making out is a sin but I am curious cause I’ve heard this go many ways.


Passionate kissing is an exclusive expression of affection. It is not the ordinary way people relate to just anybody. While you may like each other, your relationship is not exclusive yet. You are both free to go your separate ways. Passionate kissing is appropriate when it is in sync with the exclusive relationship that we call marriage.

I expect that this info will not resonate with you, especially now that your are in the habit of enjoying and justifying it. But the fact that you asked about, tells me that your conscience is not entirely comfortable with it. And rightly so. Listen to it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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