Is passionate kissing wrong for unmarried people?

If an unmarried man passionately kisses his girlfriend, is it a sin?

In and of itself, I would say no.

However, it is very easy to become sexually aroused. It is clearly a very near occasion of sin. Both people must use extreme caution and great self control.

Unfortunately, repeatedly exercising the kind of caution and self-control required can lead people to become less able to actually be passionate and intimate (when they are married).

On the other hand, if fail to properly excercise this caution and self control, it can lead them to commit very grave sins.

If a man really loves a woman, and a woman really loves a man, neither would want to put the immortal soul of the other in peril by being a stumbling block and leading them into grave sin. Thus true love is the most powerful defender of chastity there is.

It’s pure evil! And it causes babies!

Best not to even talk on the phone…or else!

If daddy was standing in front of you, would you continue to passionately kiss her, or would you step away with embarrassment?

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If daddy was standing in front of you, would you continue to passionately kiss her, or would you step away with embarrassment?

Ooooh. Nice self test!

If I were single, it would be for me. Your mileage may vary.

But then, if I were single, I can’t think of anyone who would want to engage in passionate kissing with me. So it’s a moot point.


I personally used the “kid” test over the parent test. There’s something about having 3 kids in the backseat that stops anything from happening. :smiley:

Ah, those were good times. Boyfriend driving, me in the passenger seat, 3 siblings in the back watching our every move. He would put his arm on my seat…“Ah! That’s grosss! He’s touching your shoulder!”

I remember one time we kissed and they all ran inside the house screaming “she needs toothpaste!”

hahaha, now the idea of having just one baby on the way is downright romantic to us. Talk about marriage prep!

My son’s sex ed teacher told the class that they should treat every person as if they were Christ. How far would you go with Christ? Would you hold his hand lovingly? of course! hug him and kiss his cheek or even a kiss on the lips? sure! Passionately kiss him? of course NOT.

I loved what the one person said - if their dad walked in, would you break shyly away? yes. so what does that tell you? Hopefully not just to be more careful in finding a private spot in the future.

Oooooh, that is another one.:thumbsup:

Hasikelee, You’re on a roll this week, dear.:thumbsup:

That’s good, the only problem with the first one is what happens when you’re married. Do you still treat the person like Christ? :wink:

This doesn’t really work, though, since different people have different embarrassment levels. One person might feel uncomfortable with even light, totally innocent kisses, or even just hand-holding (no PDAs period, in other words), whereas another might not care if said parent were in the room on the wedding night.

Hahaha, does this apply to men? I don’t think I would do any of those things. :wink:

I met two guys in my life who could not handle passionate kissing. One was a virgin and the kissing of a woman made him loose his head so that his innocense was hanging in a thin line… Another one was chaste and had been for severel years. With him it was the same effect. He could not handle kissing and he knew it.

However… one more advice. One thing is to say: “I wont do this and that because I plan on staying chaste” and actually taking the necessary steps to ensure you are not getting your self into a situation where you are most likely going to stumble. Some people say no and five minutes later they kiss passionately and “let the train come and drive right over them”…
The job of self respect and guarding your soul is not over once you have said the words: “I wanna wait till the wedding night”… actually that is only the beginning of the struggle… and struggle you will if you wanna make it and be a winner in this field.

Protect your girl friend. If you truly love her you will guard her purity so you could hand her over to Christ any day as whole and pure as you found her.

Whoa… :smiley: I hope you didn’t have to learn about this from a friend telling you!

Nothing wrong with Kissing of the lips of any kind.

For me, passionate kissing, such as french kissing, would be a sin before marriage. I wouldn’t do it. However, I am not a moral judge on this matter and therefore, I can’t give a definitive ruling of what is moral and what is not. If I were you, I’d purchase a copy of the Pure Love booklet and read it. :thumbsup:

Yeah it’s bad you’ll get COOTIES :rotfl:

But seriously it depends, I wouldn’t see anything wrong with kissing on the lips in itself (as it used to be a compulsory part of Mass to kiss everyone round you on the lips (the shaking hands/hugging is a major tone down), though it would be excessive if done for too long, and I’d question why anyone would stick their tongue down someone’s throat if they’re not married to them. Whether the latter’s sinful I don’t know, depends on the context but would still find it hard to justify, but then again I’m a little squeamish about tongues so not sure.

People were not living 2000 years ago in the middle east. the culture is completly different this needs to be taken into account.

people back then got married at 12 sometimes.

alittle kissing is not a big deal people.

It is if you know it causes you to sin and you do it anyway.

If you ae passionately kissing someone for the purposes of arousal outside of the marital embrace, that is a clear sin. I don’t think it’s at all appropiate outside of marriage.

All passionate kissing should be reserved for marriage. I think most confessional guides mention this as a sin. As for the definition of passionate kissing: it is any prolonged kissing that is meant to cause arousal, or knowingly does cause arousal and you still seek that out.
Best to stick with simple kisses before marriage and avioid awkward moments, experimenting more, or objectifying the other person.
In marriage, atleast a couple can if they so desire engage in the marital embrace, but unmarried couple, you can go too far and risk pushing yourself to that point. Also, no reason to engage in something that leads to one or both being seriously aroused. Most people who engage in passionate kissing, either have a distorted view of the gift of sexuality and/or go farther.

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