Is pennance given for each Mortal Sin committed?


I’m very confused with the pennace assign after confession.

For Example, if some one confesses to have commited fornicatioin, Stolen some expensive item, and have beatup his brother badly, Will one penance covers all mortal sins commited such as prayers?? or priest will say something like this " Your pennance will be to return what you stoled, you will not commit fornication until married, and you have to reconcile with your brother"??


It’s kind of a given that you will do, or at least try to do, all of those if you are sorry for your sins, so they probably wouldn’t be assigned as part of a penance.

A priest is free to impose a separate penance for each sin if he wants, although it is far more common to impose one penance for all the sins confessed.


As written, it is up to the priest you confess your sins.


Please don’t try to second guess the penance assigned to you by your confessor. I think that sometimes people feel that something is wrong when a priest does not assign a penance they consider severe enough to fit the sin. Priests are trained in moral theology, and taught how to hear confessions. Let’s try not to second guess them. I think that our Lord is pleased by our humility when we obey the priest confessor in this matter. Our sins have been forgiven. If we want to make up for the temporal punishment due for our sins, we can offer prayers, fasting, good work, what ever we want, but we should accept the penance as given to us by the priest as enough for our worthy reception of the Sacrament of Penance.


Very true indeed. Sometimes I have been surprised that the penance have been so mild, considering the sins gravity. But when doing my penance I always understand that it is just what I needed to do.

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