Is physical desire a sin?

Okay, I know that impure thoughts can be simply a temptation (if you don’t want the thoughts and quickly dismiss them) or a venial sin (a thought comes to your mind, you hestitate for a couple of seconds, perhaps wanting to enjoy it but not wanting to sin and then dismissing it) or a mortal sin (you hold on to the thought and continue to dwell on it). And I know lust in the heart (looking at another person as an object or thinking “I would if I had the chance–or could get away with it.”) is a mortal sin. But what if you simply have physical desire and it’s very hard not to focus on it–like say, a mosquito bite that itches or a broken toe that is aching? Like say you’re at Mass and you’re trying to focus on the Mass, but you have a hard time concentrating because of physical desire–but you’re not lusting after anyone or thinking of any sexual images? Is this a sin?

Please see a priest for scrupulosity.

Veronica - Say a Hail Mary at such times, when I was younger I found such practice to be most efficatious. :thumbsup:

Veronica - we are not born asexual - so it is in our nature to experience physical (sexual) attraction. See also this thread:

May be a prayer to Holy Spirit

Is there a difference between physical desire and physical pain?

for most of us, yes. noted commentator J. Mellencamp believes the two are intimately connected.

[size=]But I wasn’t feeling attraction to anyone, thinking of anyone, dwelling on impure images, or desiring to do anything evil. I just felt a physical “need” or arousal (maybe hormones?) that made it hard to concentrate on other things. Is this a sin? And if so, is it a mortal sin? Especially if your mind keeps going back to it?[/size]

No. No more than feeling Hunger is a sin.

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