Is Pilate's wife a saint?

Hello I am a confirmation candidate in my second year of confirmation classes. Now in order to complete my journey to become a confirmed catholic I understand I need a confirmation saint name. Ideally I would like to be given the name Claudia in reference to Pontius Pilate’s wife. But I am not quite sure if Claudia is recognized in the Catholic Church as a saint. If I could get a response to this matter it would be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless you all.

While Pilate’s wife is not recognized as a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church she is recognized as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church (feast day Oct 27) and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (feast day June 25).

Normally for confirmation it is asked that the confirmation saint name chosen be a recognized saint (or someone in the process). However you can always explain why you would like to chose that name and ask for an exception…

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