Is playing a Halloween Video Game bad?What about the creator of the video game?


Hello I was playing costume quest the other day and it has to do with halloween and I was wondering 1. is it a sin to play a video game based on Halloween that I take only for entertainment purposes? and 2. what about the creator of the game are they committing a grave sin by causing others to sin as well if their intention was to make a business out of it and bring entertainment to everyone whether there be magic, and all of the stuff about halloween in it but only to make it interesting are they or anyone who develops games or movies about halloween who only intend to make it because thats what they’re good at and only want to make entertainment for others to enjoy and feel its only fictional? if they were to put on the cover or anywhere for all to read that they don’t celebrate or partake in halloween, and the game is only for entertainment purposes and everything is fiction and that they only have 1 god and simply put let others know that its pure entertainment and for fun are they still sinning?


All Hallows’ Eve is not objectively sinful.


Only the Wise will understand this image…


From what I understand celebrating and dressing up in scary costumes or going from house to house to celebrate and partake in halloween it is bad but is it bad if it is in video games and is only for entertainment purposes?


and is the creator of the game sinning as well by exposing many people to sin by making something for entertainment and not for evil nor to glorify that day or to celebrate but just to have fun?


it says 3 o clock am so would this mean the devils hour?


I don’t believe the Church considers Halloween necessarily sinful. If she does that is news to me.

Anyway, no, playing Costume Quest is not a sin unless, for instance, you foresee that it will lead you to sin somehow. I don’t think would necessarily be a sin on the creator’s part to make a Halloween-themed game, although if this is something you’re considering doing yourself perhaps go over it with your priest?


Actually, the character in the chair is from a specific Nintendo game…


You need to relax. Halloween is not sinful. Your starting assumption is wrong.


I see im not sure what video game thats from but it looks like a good game!but isn’t it pretty much handing over that day to satan? I don’t know whether it would be the same as going out to trick or treat yourself or if the creator of a game like that is sinning by making others sin because the church celebrates all saints day instead of halloween I don’t know if by not having the same meaning to it as it once did makes it not a sin and now just fun or if its the devils way of tricking us into believing that and making it seem like now its just fun and not what it once was?


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