Is playing adult games a sin


hello i am 18 but i want to know if playing adult games a sin


What kind of adult games? Are we talking war games where you kill people or pornographic games? If its of the latter. I would think yes. Your looking at the flesh (real or not) in a bad way. Conjures up thoughts of sin. IMO


playing games is not a sin
violating chastity according to your state of life is a sin.

so if by “adult games” you actually mean immature games, fooling around, oral sex and seduction/stripper games. then YES that is very sinful indeed.

if you mean trivial pursuits, monopoly, Bridge, Hearts, Poker, or RPGS or LARPs then they are not inherently sinful, no


Would you care to point us in the right direction as to what you mean by “adult games”? Video games rated for adults only? Sexual hijinks?

A good rule of thumb is, “If you have to ask…”

But it is good of you to. Perhaps with some clarification as to your meaning, I could be of better service.


Depends on the game. Lust is lust, so if you’re playing a sexually charged game, its probably an occassion to sin. But many adult games are just because of gore such as shooters, they’re not sinful by itself.


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