Is playing competeive video games A sin?


Is playing competive video games A sin? I don’t play for money its just to have fun but sometimes alot of people talk smack and at times I feel that making A bet is the only way they will stop talking and just play.


If you can ignore them then you should. There will always be people who are like that in games. I just ignore what they say and don’t pay them any mind. Enjoy the game and block them out.


By that logic, we should stop all professional football, basketball, or hockey matches because of the profanity shouted by the players and fans. The answer is to shine the light of Christ into a darkened world, not turn our backs on the darkness.:slight_smile:


As long as you aren’t obsessed and still going to work or school and carrying on with normal family activities, there is no harm, no foul:thumbsup:


It might be useful to clarify what type of competitive video game. I play golf with my little brother on the Wii and that is technically a “competitive” game.


Madden online.


Hey you must be good at Madden then. Can you give me any tips? I suck at defense. What Madden do you have?

Anyway, back to the thread. I guess it’s fine to play competitive video games as long as it’s fun and friendly competition and you remember that your opponent is human too. It becomes a problem when you forget the human dignity that your opponent has, or if you use the game to feed your pride, or if you abuse the game to the point that you ignore your other responsibilities. There may be other things I missed, but just use your conscience and your brain, and I think you will be fine.


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