Is playing computer games sin?


I’m wondering, is playing computer games is a sin? If yes, which one? What about computer games, where it’s need to kill monster, animals or even people? Or those, in which needs to lead army to the war (for example, Middle-Ages ward, first/second Wolrd War) ?

well i think they can be a sin if you get addicted to them and neglect your family, work or spiritual life.

I’d put them in the same category as movies, tv, music or books.

Some people can read stuff that is quite graphic and not find it to be an occasion of sin (tempting them to emulate the bad action in real life) at all.

Others might find that they cannot handle, for example, graphic depictions of sex but are OK with a bit of violence or vice versa, and need to be careful accordingly of what they expose themselves to.

Others again, as the previous poster might have said, aren’t really affected by the content, but indulge in the media itself (internet, tv or whatnot) to the extent that they’re neglecting necessary work, studies, or other obligations.

Others might have a job, such as censor or film or book reviewer, where they are required to watch all sorts of objectionable content, but it’s for the legitimate purpose of censoring or reviewing it, which is also OK.

So, one needs to do a lot of discernment and carefully think about the content of what you’re watching/reading/listening to, the reason your’e doing so, and the effect it’s having on your life as a whole.

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