Is playing Grand Theft Auto sinful?

I kinda worry about it. But I don’t really play it for the missions or the rampages of shooting people, I like driving and flying around. It’s my suitemates who play it.

If your conscience questions it, then by all means “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Avoid it if you can. The entire premises of the game is based on sinful acts, just as the title exemplifies.

If you like driving there are plenty of these simulators that are not supplying players with acts of less than savory or immoral objectives and presentations.

“Better to maintain a clean pantry, than to allow it to get dirty and wait for uninvited guests so to speak to come in really infest it.”

Matthew 5:30

30 *And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell. *

Praise be to GOD the heavenly father and his son lord JESUS CHRIST forever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I think you would be better and happier not playing it.

Can you think of any other games to play that wouldn’t bother your conscience?

You know, maybe your generation might not understand, but I’ll say it anyway. In my family, we had a lot of fun playing together…everything from board games to softball, etc.

I come from a family of 11, and some of the most fun times I have ever had were playing with my family …softball in the backyard…swimming together in the resevoir or pool, playing badmitton, whiffleball, foozeball, pool, soccer, horseshoes, croquet, tennis, basketball, ping pong, gymnastics, dodgeball, handball. We also sang together and played our musical instruments together. Oh yeah, we fished together, too. We had snowball fights in the Winter, built forts. We created our own games!

Some of my brothers would play chess by the hour!

One of my sisters is one of the funniest people I have ever known in my whole life. She likes to tell funny stories and is as good as any comedian! We laugh till we cry! Oh yeah, my family LOVES cards!

Once, we had another family of 11 over to our house. Wow! We played Twister, and it was so fun!

It’s sort of sad, now, because the games often involve violence, and there’s often very little creativity involved, interaction, teamwork, or much of anything else.

My family used to be its own softball team!

Some people seem to think games are just for kids, but we play them well into old age! It’s an excuse to talk and catch up. Too bad this has all become a thing of the past!

I don’t think playing GTA is a sin. I’m trying to think about a scenario where the words “Grand Theft Auto video game” would come out in a confessional. Now, if it leads you to sinful thoughts and actions, well that’s sinful and you should steer clear of the source of those temptations. Or if you’re playing the game and neglecting other duties then that is also not good. But I would put GTA in the same category as watching an R-rated movie which in itself is not a sin.

You might be happy to hear this isn’t a thing of the past completely. My family still does all this. When all the cousins get together we have games of baseball and basketball. And capture the flag…And cards, though mostly poker :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll play monopoly and taboo and things of that sort also. I agree these types of family activities are awesome! :thumbsup:

But we’ll play video games too. There are some good ones, especially on Wii, that actually make us laugh and interact with each other just as much as a game of Twister does. It depends on the game really, and who’s playing.

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