Is playing witch hunter Warhammer 40k okay

Hello this is my first time posting and I have to ask is playing witch hunters in warhammer 40k.
To clearfy what warhammer 40k it is a futurisic table top stragy game.
I ask if witch hunter is okay simply beacuse I heard some people play them beacuse then make fun of catholics.
I orginally thought then would jsut be a fun army to play but after hearing this I was immeditly supious.
What makes it so is it is based a lot on the spaish inquistion and has to do hertics.
In general would like to play witch hunters beacuse I would jsut play the army beacuse I like the units in the army. But I would not want to play something that so people use to make fun of cathlocs.

I am a Devote cathloc and I would like to have some clarification on this subject. If possible It would be nice if someone posts who already know something about warhammer 40k, but all help would be useful.

P.S Jesus is super asome:D

Couldn’t say, since I haven’t played the game.

On one hand, we Catholics sometimes lack a sense of humor about things not really intended to be offensive.

On the other, the Inquisition is one of the most mis-understood events in history. More witches were burned in Protestant countries than Catholic ones, and the courts of the Inquisition were generally more fair and merciful than their secular counterparts.

Primitive and cruel by modern standards, the Inquisition was neither by the standards of the day, which is the only standard that intellectually honest people should apply.

If I were you, I might try the ‘witch hunter’ role, but would stop if I spotted historical inaccuracies specifically intended to make the Church look bad.

well I will tell you it is not even really historacl ristic. The army composes mosty of women with machine guns. It is like way way in the future and i say that is loosly based on the inqution

it also does not even talk about the catholic church but the religon then do serve is simular

From what I know it’s just a game set in a fantasy world, somewhat cartoonish (more cartoony than realistic) and there is a lot of reference and parody of real world stuff. i think “if it does not intend to offend” then, aside from the often depraved nature of gamers you might interact with, the game itself would not be the problem. Just dont play it so much you neglect your real life (RL as they say) and your spiritual life.

Of course I play WoW and make video games for a living so I may be biased, but i think my points are valid.

Given this information, I would agree. Unlike ‘Golden Compass’, it doesn’t sound as though it was created with an anti-Catholic agenda in mind.

I’m currently playing Dawn of War, the Warhammer 40k computer game. It’s a really fun RTS and if it’s anything like the tabletop game, you shouldn’t worry too much about it’s connotations to Catholicism. Rather I would use it as a launchpad to good discussion, like why would the whole future be based on Catholicism? Is it really that significant? Why not Hindu mythology? If it’s so significant as to affect as 40,000 years in the future, shouldn’t we really know everything there is to know about it, and from reliable sources too, if not straight from the horse’s mouth so we can make our campaign richer?

In other words, it might actually be a good platform for evangelization.

Thank you for answering my question

Hoorah! A fellow 40k player! :smiley: And as a matter of fact, it was the Inquisition that largely brought me there! BURN WITCH, BURN!

:o ahem Well then, from my time with the system, I’ve found that the whole 'deities are a result of the belief of psychicaly powerful/connected communities" to be more offensive than the brutality and psudo-dogmatic (yet totally awsome) rhetoric spouted by the Ecclisiarchy.

Some of the best of which I think are,

“To question is to doubt”
“To doubt is lack of faith” (St. Thomas has since shown me this is not so)
“The more I learn about these aliens, the more I come to understand what drives them, the more I hate them. I hate them for what they are and for what they may one day become. I hate them not because they hate us but because they are incapable of good, honest, human hatred.”

  • Inquisitor Agmar On Tyranids

“I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.”

“There are very few problems that can’t be solved by kicking in the door, and killing everyone.”
– Roboute Guilliman, Index Astartes Apocrypha

“Let’s see how those degenerate sophisticates handle a healthy dose of pure unreasoning voilence.”

  • Commander Fleyitch on using Ogryns against Eldar.

‘With the blood of an enemy shall the marks be made upon the missile. Then bless the missile and present unto the mounting. Say the prayer of firing and curse the target. Do this rapidly lest the wrath of the weapon be wasted. Point the eye of the weapon so that it may see the object of its wrath. When the weapon has uttered its curse and eaten the soul of its victim, then shall you take up the next missile…’ - ‘Firing Rite’ (old recension)

“Victory needs no explanation, Defeat allows none!”
-Master Hunter Zarak, Victory over the Kroot despite odds.

I also always found the idea of nuns-with-guns to be really cool. See, here on earth, they just have rulers, and are twice as feared as the ]I.

(And while we’re here, ‘Die servant of the false emperor!’)

I’m not an actual player of this game but know of it. I have two teenage sons. Both became totally immersed in The Lord of the Rings war hammer. We went along with it because of the wonderful opportunities it presented for them…ie. it is essentially a strategic game, not much unlike chess; it provided incredibly creative opportunities as they were able to make these models from ‘clay’, or glue prefabricated ones together, painted them in detail, made scenery from scrap materials, engaged neighbourhood friends in ‘battle’, learned to read all of J.R. Tolkien books and designed web pages about it. Through it all, we were able to discuss the concept of the light and the dark, the good and the evil in language that they understood. They have moved on from it now, but it was a great learning experience for them and fun for us because of the interactive element between us all.
As for War Hammer 40K, one of my sons showed interest in this at the time, and purchased a few figurines. He never quite got it of the ground because I never encouraged it. Personally, I never liked the characters because of their dark, demonic appearances. The story was never clear cut to me and so my reaction was too avoid it, rather than entertaining it. I just asked my son about the witch hunters and he didn’t even know about the story behind it either.
Hope this helps some!

Well, I’m an Imperial Guard player from WAY back (2nd edition) and there is nothing in the game that mocks or derides the Catholic faith.

The Witch Hunters are a part of the Imperial cult that are committed to the purity and dominance of the human race. All of that is merely part of the fictional futuristic culture of the games fluff. The models are actually beautifully sculpted. Have you seen the model for the Living Saint Celestine? I think she’s be better painted as a blonde though.
The Inquisition (in 40K) is more like Homeland Security today than anything else, and you also have to remember that the enemies of mankind are the Xenos (aliens), mutants, and Chaos (psykers) who all are a threat in the 41st millennium, some 39,000 years in the future.:rolleyes:

Yeah, okay… ya just scared the daylights outta every poor parent on here with all that craziness.

There is a short ton of fluff and quite a library of spin off books that are based around the game and the armies that can be played.

It is a hobby game that is played on a terrain table (ever seen model railroad tables?) with plastic and metal models that have to be assembled and painted by hand. I have three grown sons, and we have played for about 12+ years without any ill effects.

My oldest son, in fact has an Inquisition army that consists of Grey Nights and Battle Sisters which is pretty well feared by players of some of the other armies around here.

We have our own terrain and table in our garage and have friends over to play from time to time.

[LEFT]and we have a lot of fun.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]There is also a local games shop that has terrain and tables that allows people to meet to game there and in this picture you see a squad of my heavy weapons in action against a horrible alien race called the Tyranids that seek to devour everything organic they encounter. We actually won this one though generally we do not fare as well against these “bugs”. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]And, (as you can see here), the terrain is also mostly scratch built by players and a great deal of creativity and time and effort goes into it. It is expensive but it also is done over a long haul and I’ll add this…none of my guys are into drugs or other craziness, so to me it’s a good investment. By and large, we all pay for our own stuff.[/LEFT]

Oh, one last thing. The game does have Chaos demons and such in it and players can play those armies as well, but I think that all the players I have ever met would never even think seriously about involving themselves in such in the real world because the game also revolves around times that show the betrayal of truth and the selling out of some power hungry types to them but they also show that there is a cost and that these are the enemies of all mankind.

This is not an RPG (Role Playing Game) but a tactical science fiction war game.

In the end it’s a good versus evil scenario like real life.

I don’t see any problems with it so far as Catholicism is concerned, and in fact I have been able to share the faith with some of the guys who play.

thank for all your comminets i feel better now

I had no idea that there were different terms, or types of games. I assumed that if played out on a table, be it a battle map, or battle figurines, that it was one and the same. I also believed that the creation of extras obviously enhanced the game, and ability to visualize what you are playing…

How is it that this is NOT an RPG? Seeking knowlege, not confrontation as a player of DnD (no evil aligned characters ever!)


I’ll tell you what a wise Dominican Friar once told me:

So long as it remains just a game, and you are having fun with friends, committing no sins and no crimes, it’s just a game. If, however, it causes you to sin, then it’s a problem.

Most common sin I’ve heard in 30+ years of RPG’s and ConSims: taking the name of the Lord in vain. Second most: coveting thy neighbor’s minis…

If you can avoid those two pitfalls, and can afford GW’s often exorbitant prices for minis without shortchanging your tithing nor family needs…enjoy.

Rammy, there’s no roles to play in 40K because there is nothing to act out. One merely moves one’s troops to engage your opponent according to the rules and the dice rolls are to determine things like shooting or hand to hand hits, distance and effects of movement over difficult or dangerous terrain features, and armor or cover saves against the hits I mentioned. The models are the only thing involved, the rest is just good-natured banter about how well (you hope) your army will do.

If anything it is more like a very involved chess game or something, but as I said, there are is no roleplaying involved.

[size=3]So long as it remains just a game, and you are having fun with friends, committing no sins and no crimes, it’s just a game. If, however, it causes you to sin, then it’s a problem.Most excellent advice!

Most common sin I’ve heard in 30+ years of RPG’s and ConSims: taking the name of the Lord in vain. Second most: coveting thy neighbor’s minis…

If you can avoid those two pitfalls, and can afford GW’s often exorbitant prices for minis without shortchanging your tithing nor family needs…enjoy.

I can agree with all that! You just have to make the effort, as in all life, to do what you know is right.

Pricing has always been a issue with Games Workshop’s stuff, but I’ve also been checking on model prices at other hobby and model shops, and frankly I think they are pretty much in line with most other model companies. Also keep in mind that most of this is imported from England, so the exchange rate has something to do with that as well.

The smart person doesn’t try to get a whole army right off the mark, though one can sometimes find 2nd hand armies and pieces from other players or on e-bay at good savings. I’m still remodeling and repainting the last batch of 2nd hand armored vehicles that I scored some months ago, but I got a great deal.[/size] :smiley:

Somehow, I managed to mess up the links to my pics so I found another way. These links should do just fine. Enjoy!

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