Is pokemon bad? or am i just paranoid?

Hey everyone…again. So I was browsing through some threads and came across a few people who say that ‘Pokemon was evil’. They say it introduces children to Wicca or whatever it’s called (Witchcraft? Is it?). Also because being a ‘Master’ of ‘Monsters’ was bad. I also did some research about parents that wouldn’t let their children play Pokemon but let them play MW3!? :eek:

Don’t get me wrong. Pokemon has been a HUGE part of my life. I started to regret ever looking at that thread :frowning:

So basically, My question is:
Are they right about pokemon? or are they wrong? :shrug:

(Sorry if I’ve asked a question you answered before)

Pokemon is a huge part of my life too. It first started to air on TV when I was in elementary and I always loved it. :smiley:

IMO, TV shows or movies like Pokemon, Harry Pottery etc are not evil. They are simply FICTION/ entertainment. That’s what we should always put in mind. Since they are just fiction, we should NOT live by them in a way that those shows affect our lives, the way we act, the way we speak and so on.:slight_smile:

I never get tired of doing this:

  1. This is Wicca

  2. This. Is. Pokemon!!!

To use my own example:


Wiccan: grinds herbs of incense and mutters Oh great gods and goddesses, may your energy flow into this sacred incense mix…

crickets creak


LW: Get 'em Tyranitar! tosses Pokeball

LW’s Bro: Dragonite! GO! tosses Pokeball

epic gym music plays

Both Trainers: Hyper Beam Attack! NOW!!! D8<

Dragonite: Arrroooo!!! fires

Tyranitar: Raaaargh!!! firest

battle blows gym’s roof off

I’m not surprised. No offense to anyone but that is redneck, fundamentalist Christianity at its hypocritical worst.

“Magic and fantasy stuff is of teh deebil! Stick to real stuff and manly gunz!” :rolleyes:

I am a new convert to the faith and I definitely am guilty of having played a fair share of Pokemon growing up. I even pick up the games from time to time as an adult (and even since my conversion). To be honest, I have never seriously scrutinized the games. I just finished looking up some of the threads that you mentioned and I don’t know if I will be playing Pokemon anymore after reading what was said…

Now that I have read into this, I can certainly see how there are tendencies of the occult in Pokemon. Occult practice is all about calling forth and controlling demons/spirits through one’s own abilities. I can definitely see some of those characteristics when the player’s capture and train Pokemon. Furthermore, witchcraft involves the act of casting spells against one’s enemies, and this is definitely evident during Pokemon battles when trainers get Pokemon to attack each other. Finally the cornerstone of the new-age practice is the act of making oneself “elite” and the desire to idolize one’s own abilities over other’s… and this is most certainly embodied in the journey the player takes to become a Pokemon master.

In short, yes I do now believe that Pokemon may be bad. The danger may be hidden behind cute and cuddly monsters and stories of friendship and kindness but we have to realize that Satan isn’t above using such tactics to lure us ever so slightly into a dangerous world. I have sort of wondered why the Pokemon games are so incredibly addictive (much more so then Super Mario, racing games, etc…), I think we have to consider the possibility that once we pull away all the child-like attributes of the Pokemon world, certain aspects of the game that stimulate us most could be the foundations for some pretty harmful stuff…

Though, if the pokemon world were real, I would say it would be an immoral world. Not because of any relation to Wicca (of which it has none, unless you’re talking about the “potions”, which are essentially just medicine and steroids), but because it would be a world where animal abuse is common place and encouraged. Think of dog fighting, but on a larger scale, and the world found it entertaining. I’d be all for having a pokemon world where the pokemon helped out with firefighting, like the squirtles do on the show.

Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoyed pokemon for a large portion of my life. My only reason for getting out of it was because of the constant addition of new pokemon. It’s the same reason I lost want for a lot of things, like LEGO Bionicle (I was really big into that as well for a while). But like how I stopped watching Survivor after the first few seasons, I stopped playing the pokemon games after gold and silver. I wouldn’t mind playing the old games over again, but then I’d lose all my favorite pokemon, my most favorite being my level 100 Jolteon.

Anyways, pokemon is fantasy/fiction, so as long as you don’t attempt to make it real, and keep it as fiction, then it’s all fine and good.

Firstly, the ‘spells’ of real, modern-day witchcraft are nothing more than superstitious constructs. Secondly, that is not the sin of witchcraft. The sin of witchcraft ties with the sin of idolatry, meaning you are invoking strictly occultic powers asides from God.

The funny thing is if it is something that man can easily put under their control (like Pokemon), it is automatically ruled out from being occult now and ever.

Well I guess the Parable of the Lazy Servant can be a cornerstone of the New Age movement as well. After all, it is about different servants making themselves greater with the talents given to them by the master.

That’s actually one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from shounen like Pokemon. You get to value yourself as a creation of God and embrace the calling to realize that potential.

If not, for what purpose do you waste it?

Some people get obsessed with religion and religious activities to the point that they alienate others, grow judgmental, and develop a high-and-mighty attitude towards anything not touching the subject of religion (from sports and games to science and the arts).

Religion can also be the foundations for some pretty harmful stuff (and has). Your point?

Me thinks the whole aspect of firefighting Squirtles and Ash valuing the proper treatment of Pokemon is the most obvious indicator that such a world is not as bad as Animal Rights folks perceive. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with you on the addition of new Pokemon though. I don’t think it’s bad actually but is certainly hard to catch up with. XD

Never in my life have I heard a fellow Pokemon player practice such a VILE thing. :eek:

You’re not actually buying that overanalysis are you? :rolleyes:

Bro, You have been a really huge help for me in these forums! Thanks alot and God bless.
Now I can criticize the newest Pokemon movie in Peace :compcoff:

I think we have to remember that the word “Holy” is derived from the meaning “to be apart”. As Catholics, we are expected to separate ourselves from the world and there are many a Saint who choose to live their lives in seclusion to avoid the dangers associated with this life.

If the majority of us could be assured of heavenly salvation then I might agree that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. If, however, the Saints are correct in their almost unanimous assessment of the number of Catholics who will be going to heaven, should we really be taking any unnecessary chances when it comes to the state of our souls?

To quote St. Louis Marie de Montfort:

The number of the elect is so small - so small - that were we to know how small it is, we should faint away with grief. The number of the elect is so small that were God to assemble them together, He would cry to them, as He did of old, by the mouth of His prophet, “Gather yourselves together, one by one” - one from this province, one from that kingdom.

Quotes on the fewness that are saved:

From now on, I think any time someone has a scrupulous moment with “The Occult,” they should just PM Lost Wanderer directly and let him/her talk them down. Because Lost Wanderer will provide you with the surest dose of level headed understanding on any of these matters.

Yeah, so just in case LW is busy: the comparison between Wicca and Pokemon is ludicrous to the extreme. I’ve been thinking about the various ways to illustrate the differences, but it’s like asking someone to show you the differences between an apple and a hammer. I guess you could compare Wicca with Superman too, in that both involve ‘powers’ in some vague sense. That really doesn’t make them anything alike… at all.

I never looked at Pokemon as a bad thing that led to the occult. Growing up, they banned Pokemon cards in my elementary though I suspect that was more because they saw it as a gateway to gambling (not to mention rampant theft). I view the videogames similar to animal prize-fighting. Sure there’s fantastical elements and a lot of science fiction in the mythology of the series but, again, like most pieces of fiction I don’t think there is malicious intent.

As much as I appreciate that compliment, I’m not sure my inbox can handle the exchanges. XD :o

I gotta admit, illustrating the difference between the two has been a really guilty pleasure of mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

On Catholic Parents OnLine and Women of Grace they think that it has occultistic characteristics… like nearly all game-based/ fighter pet series (doesn’t know plural form).
Like, elements of nature which can be a Pythagorean principle (according to my chemistry book) or an element of Eastern spiritualism (they are made in Japan).
Since I think that they didn’t hear about the theory of Pythagoras, it’s taken from Eastern spiritualism, and in China, there is five basic elements instead of the Pythagorean four (there are extra classes).
Mentioning of fictional deities linked to the monsters are another problem… like “Mew”, “deity cards” in YGO and “the elders” in Bakugan… not to mention the dualistic cores in it.
And summoning monsters with cards? Many would think that it’ll lead to real-life summoning.
Plus, attributing an “essence” to an inanimate object is an animist principle.

i don’t think it is bad to watch or play pkemon…

on a side note…

i once read in the catholic universe newspaper that it was suggested that Roman Catholic children should start to use saints as a way to get over evil or spells being used against them…

each saint has there own purpose in the frontal view of adversity… i think that was a great idea…i used it for my own purpose from then on in…it works believe me… :thumbsup:
and so do my kids…;):wink:

They don’t know what they’re talking about. Of course, since the games/anime came from Japan, then naturally the names of the Pokemon would have said characteristic, but it doesn’t necessarily mean is would lead one to the occult or it is occultic. I think some people like to overanalyze.

And summoning monsters with cards? Many would think that it’ll lead to real-life summoning.

Seriously? o_O Really now…

This logic is so bad, I don’t even know where to begin. Pythagorean principle? What has chemistry have to with this? This is exactly the sort of problem I have with the folks on Women of Grace and other so-called ‘pro-family’ programs. They take so many disciplines and then just mash 'em up to suit their anti-reasonable agenda.

They also like to ignore the elephant in the living room. Citing Pythagoras and making racist implications against Japanese products is besides the point.

Actually if you knew what you were talking about, you would know that this does not make sense. Using the concept of elements in fiction is nothing new and neither is it wrong. Scientists use elemental classifications as well.

Furthermore, if you are tying this with the so-called ‘elements’ of Pokemon species… please know that there are more than seven.

“Dualistic cores” why do I smell the stink of Michael O’ Brien in here somewhere? :rolleyes:

We already refer to those same pagan gods in every day of the week. Don’t believe me? Read your calendar.

OHO! I WISH! If I could summon a Red-Eyes Black Dragon (YGO) or a Hellkite Charger (MTG) to take me to work, I’d sleep better each night. :rolleyes:

Right. Sure. I guess children who play pretend with their dolls by attributing ‘essence’ to them are also practicing animists. :rolleyes:

Well, if you have two games boys and a cable, you could transfer your pokemon and start over. Lol.

Wicca- Culturally European New Age paganism
Japan- Not culturally European, not New Age, long, long history of it’s own form of paganism and Buddhism
Pokeman- Developed for Japanese kids, exported to the US
Focus of Pokeman- pet battles and adventure
Not the focus of Pokeman- being used as a primer for pagan school
Linkage between Wicca and Pokeman- none other than general themes common to pretty much all polytheistic pagan faiths
Danger to kids whose parents do their jobs in regards to teaching them their faith- none

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