Is Poland the last true Catholic European country? or has it fallen too?


We all know how corrupt Europe has gotten. Perhaps we need another Charles Martel or Charlemagne. (that was a joke) Anyways I see that Poland seems to be the only country in Europe that looks stable in their faith, I could be wrong or right, i don’t really know. if someone can enlighten me on this and other Christian countries that have been doing well in the faith.



Overall, I believe the whole world is in a dark cloud. It’s been 100years since Fatima and the Bolshevik Revolution and we’re no better off. Something is coming and it isn’t good.


Not just Europe but the world.

Maybe Chile second.


I disagree, looking at Russia there has been many big changes. I think Russia has been converted as promised by Our Lady of Fatima. People can say what they want about Putin, but I think he has done an excellent job for his Country and another cool thing I noticed just the other day, is that the flag Russia has today is the same one that the ‘Whites’ used when combating the ‘Reds’ in the Bolshevik Revolution. My only concern is who takes over after Putin.

I also think Poland is doing very well. I think France has some major problems, and the UK have a lot of issue too, I’ll see what happens on 15 Nov before I give my verdict on Australia (since the future of my Nation I think hinges a lot on this same sex marriage plebiscite result), I think the USA had been doing badly and going the wrong direction under Obama’s administration, but that there is great hope and it’s starting to go down the right track with Trump’s administration (Depends whether in 2020 they put another Clinton in and go for abortion, euthanasia and gender theory again). I think Canada has major problems with their Prime Minister Trudeau who is all for abortion and Gender Theory. I think those like Sweden are a bit of a mess too, same issues, mass Islamic immigration, gender theory, abortion, euthanasia etc.

I hope this has helped

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We’re gonna go to war with Russia and China. WWIII looms ominously over the horizon. The inevitable and organized collapse of America is near. Long have I foreseen this doom. Just a little bit longer…


Well, I certainly would not fight against Russia. So if we ever go to war with Russia, I would look in our own back yard, and if there I find, abortion, euthanasia and gender theory on the run, then I know where the problem lies.

China on the other hand I’m not sure, since they are still communist.

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I think that’s only the case if they rebel against Trump and elect another Clinton in 2020 who pushes abortion, euthanasia and gender theory again.

Depends on the American People. Ultimately it depends on God and whether the people rebel against him or not I think.

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Poland is still very Catholic. I was just there. Churches are full. Sometimes you can’t even get a seat.

This is sadly not the case in a lot of the other countries surrounding it however.

Edited to add, Portugal is also doing pretty well church wise.


After WWII I would have given Patton the authority to take out what was left of the Russian military. Then MacArthur could take Japan and squash Red China. As it stands we’re still gonna have to face our mistakes and deal with them. But we’re gonna have much to suffer first.


Eastern Europe is still very religious. The thing is though the majority of these countries such as Ukraine and Romania etc, although do have Catholics, are for the most part Orthodox .


Well, Fatima said that Russia would be converted, so I don’t know you would have been successful in such an endeavor. And looking through history, Russia has been on the verge of defeat several times and miraculously come back.

If the consecration was not late, I don’t think Communism would have spread to China and other places.

Not necessarily, if we can get our own back yards right and knock this gender theory, abortion and euthanasia out, then we can say ‘Jesus, I trust in You’.

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Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and Pattons’s frankly idiotic desire to try this never came to pass. What was ‘left’ of the Russian military was millions of men in a vast area and Patton would have found himself marching into a meat grinder had he tried this. The Russians lacked the technical resources or production capability of the US but they were not that far behind in some areas and had a much, much improved range of tanks and similar equipment by the end of the war. Also I assure you any such assault would have been viewed as a traitorous stab in the back and Russians would have fought to the last gasp to ensure that even as they died they took out US servicemen. If alive at the time and Patton had tried such an endeavour I would have fully supported the Soviets for doing so. I am aware of Patton’s desire to do this and the fact that he was more or less dissuaded rather strongly from doing so by the USA. He would have also found himself facing military leader like Zhukov and Chuikov who were superior generals also. I do not believe the American people would have been generally behind such a move either.


Patton died in a car accident shortly after the war


Probably an assassination attempt.


What’s wrong with another one of those greats?? :wink:


I would have stood next to George Patton and beaten back those Bolsheviks. We purposely allowed Russia to destroy Ukraine and defile Eastern Europe. Joseph McCarthy was right. We had been infiltrated!


That has been suggested as a case of death as he had become quite ‘noisy’ and it has been suggested that he was considered as having outlived his usefulness.


Had you done so I would hope my grandfather-in-law Col. Semchenko and men like him would have defended the Rodina as ably as they did during the Great Patriotic War. May their memory be eternal. Oh and by the way if you are familiar with Slavic names you will note Semchenko is a name that is more often found in the Ukraine than Russia, not surprisingly as the gent originated in Belgorod in the Ukraine. You would have had no business there and had you invaded the Soviets would have likely viewed you as worse than Hitler as you would be allies who suddenly stabbed them in the back at a moment of national disaster the like of the which the various nations that made up the CCCP had never seen before. Hitler of course did that but no-one seriously expected him to ever honour his word for long when the pact between the Soviet Union and Third Reich was agreed upon. It was more a matter of buying time on the Soviet side to rearm, something that was desperately needed due to Stalin’s foolish and wasteful purges of the army in the 30’s which had decimated the officer core.


I would have turned on the Soviets in a heartbeat and taken whatever was left of the German army to help me. Russia is responsible for the Famine-Genocide in Ukraine. As it stands, the US was more interested in harboring Nazis and was probably supportive of the Soviets destroying Eastern Europe. Oh well, it’s too late now. We’ll just have to settle these problems in the 21st century.

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