Is Poland the last true Catholic European country? or has it fallen too?


Actually I know despite it not being as strong as it use to Ireland is still a strong catholic country. I know from growing in school its just extremely hard to be faithful especially in my all boys CBS school during the times of scandal since a lot people made jokes about priests and stuff, especially if one were to go to confession. A lot of persecution and negative spin by the media and politicians has likely hurt the church a lot especially using scandals and priests/religious who are either suspended, excommunicated, or more left wing as a way to push forward ideas that are contrary to the catholic church. However a lot of people still show up where they’re novenas especially in clonard and knock, also during the pattern days (ie local towns or villages patron saint feast day). A great number also show up to the all ireland rosary rally. The introduction of various new lay organisations have retreats and prayer meetings throughout the country dedicated to youth. A lot of the faithful in Ireland are heavily involved charitable events ranging from mental health/suicide prevention such as Pieta house, Homelessness and poverty such as capuchin day centre in Dublin, Pro life groups such as youth defense. A lot of little seedlings in Ireland and a number of new religious order/societies are after moving in so hopefully, Ireland can comeback.


I wonder when was the tipping point for my Nation, but since I was only born in 1992, I think I’ve done the best I can.

‘Jesus, I trust in You’


Yep, the situation in Ireland is very variable on the ground and some areas are still fairly strong with regards to the faith, even some of us left wingers would still count ourselves as Catholic although I sadly live in England and only visit Ireland nowadays.


“True Catholic country”. That would be Heaven.

Poland has a long record of being a linchpin to hold Europe together. It was also the nation that pushed back the Ottoman Turks at Vienna and in essence saved Europe at a time when it was divided. It has not been as heavily affected by the wealthy secular liberalism & cynicism of Western Europe, nor was it as strongly indoctrinated with communism as Russia proper. So, relatively speaking, it is in a pretty decent position to build up the universal Church. They’ve had some big guns as of late: Pope St JP II, St Faustina, St Maximillian Kolbe. They reflect the wider culture & vibrancy of the country.

But the #1 changing forces in any country are going to come from within.


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