Is politics sinful?

It’s always been my passion along with my religion as to get into parliament in my country and represent people, but with corruption within the parliament is it the way to go? But I’ve always seen it as a challenge to change it around and fix it so that we can represent the people with more significant effect. So would it be bad to persue this career?

If by “represent people” you mean that you will bring their moral and social requirements into the making of legislation, it can be very sinful, unless you have a fully virtuous constituency.

If by “represent people” you mean that you will ask them to elect you on the basis that you will work according to your own moral and social beliefs, asking them to accept your beliefs as a good representation of them, then you can honestly be in Parliament - honest to yourself and honest to those you represent. You will not be tossed about by the winds of popular appetites, but instead will be the image in government that the people have of what they want themselves to be.

Do you want to do what the people want, or do the people want to be known as being like you?
(and a third option - will you tell the people one thing to get elected, then think you can work for virtuous legislation once your foot is in the door? But if one lies to get in the door, one has no virtue anyway)

Given your age and the types of questions you have been asking here, I would say that this is not something you should pursue at this time.
While it is an admirable goal and there is certainly nothing sinful about a desire to be a servant and representative of the people…there are also HUGE temptations involved.

You just asked this a little while ago if you sinned by missing mass…
If you are unsure on this score, how can you make right judgement on what is sinful when the many subtle snares of the political arena are placed before you?

As I say, it is an admirable desire…and politics are not, in and of themselves, sinful…but there are many temptations…

Work on growing in your understanding of the faith first…then see where God leads you.


"Those with talent for the difficult yet noble art of politics, or whose talents in this matter can be developed, should prepare themselves for it, and, forgetting their own convenience and material interests, they should engage in political activity."

From the Conciliar document, The Church in the Modern World.

The Church encourages our participation in politics, and we need a genuine Christian witness here especially. Sadly, the way the world is today, if you plan to enter into politics and remain uncompromising in being true to your faith, you might want to also have a second career option in mind. I say that not to discourage you, but just to remind you of how difficult it can be. The potential sinfulness in politics would be in allowing the prevailing culture to convince you to support something you know is wrong, such as abortion or euthanasia. May God bless you in this noble, challenging and necessary pursuit, or in whatever career you decide to pursue.

In addition to this, you may also be tempted into advocating the homosexual movement and/or gay “marriage”

Please be Hilaire Belloc? Please?

From 1906 to 1910 he was a Liberal Party Member of Parliament for Salford South. During one campaign speech he was asked by a heckler if he was a “papist.” Retrieving his rosary from his pocket he responded, “Sir, so far as possible I hear Mass each day and I go to my knees and tell these beads each night. If that offends you, then I pray God may spare me the indignity of representing you in Parliament.” The crowd cheered and Belloc won the election.

Politics is a legitimate career, there’s no sin in getting involved.A good saint to look to is St Thomas Moore. I’d say the key thing to watch out for is to avoid getting caught up in partisanship, hate speech and pointless bickering. Try to conduct yourself in a peaceful manner and remain civil.

But no - it’s not inherently immoral to be involved in politics.

The way I see it, politics in general is not sinful, but the ‘politics’ that are the norm in modern society (in the US anyway) are definitely sinful, we must keep in mind, the way our Govt is today is NOT what our founding fathers intended for this country, but it has gotten to a point where to change it, it would literally take a complete overhaul of every section of the Govt (not going to happen anytime soon).

Example…As American citizens, we are REQUIRED to throw off corrupt Governments and put up new guards for our future, now imagine someone actually doing this in our times, would they we held up as heroes, or jailed and labelled a domestic terrorist? Strange thing is though, we celebrate all the past US patriots every July 4th, but if anyone attempted the same things today, it would be a different story…???

If a new comer comes along and even tries to upset the powers that be, it can be assured, that person will likely not have a long career in govt, or just end up missing.

I dont think this will change until Jesus comes again.

If you give it a shot, remain on good behavior (that of a U.S. judge). This way, you will have a lesser chance of being swayed by others and by yourself. I would say breaking into politics would be tough, after that, you will have to deal with pressure from the party you are with (if you are not independent) and their heiarchial structure (caste system).

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