Is Pope Emeritus still called His Holiness?

I appreciate with a Pope (Francis) and a retired Pope “Emeritus” (Benedict XVI) that the Church is working through the matters of titles and related issues. However I was confused by a recent publication. Recently, in our diocesan periodical an article for Advent was written. The article was based upon Pope emeritus Benedict’s “Deus Caritas Est”. In the article the Emeritus Pope is repeatedly referred to as “The Holy Father”.
Is this correct? I understood he would be referred to as The Holy Father Emeritus. Am I mistaken? Does not the emphasis on The Holy Father essentially deny the current Pope? Does the fact that the author is our Bishop (very conservative) imply he is to be simply understood to be correct?

Yes, he is still called “His Holiness” as a title. As the National Catholic Register reported upon his retirement:

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI will officially be called “His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus” or simply “Roman pontiff emeritus” after he steps down from the papacy on Thursday…

…Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told reporters the Holy Father had chosen his new title after consulting with others.

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