Is posing nude for art students a sin?

I am a student and I pose nude for art classes. The pay is good and I can pick up work at times that work for my schedule. It is not an erotic experience for me. But I think that nude drawings are erotic art even when fine art. Am I sinning?

If you are deliberately choosing to facilitate something you believe to be a sin, then yes, you are committing a sin. But the action of posing nude for art students learning to draw the human form in art classes and the action of drawing a nude human form for legitimate art are not themselves sins. In other words, the problem is not with what you are doing in and of itself, but with your choice to participate in something that you erroneously believe is a sin. It should also be said that your sin could be compounded in gravity by the fact that the reasons you are choosing to ignore your conscience are profit and personal convenience.

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