Is posting graphic pictures of violence in the news damaging to the soul?

I posted the below link in social media and got some blowback from Christians. Is this kind of reporting of modern day martyrdom damaging to the soul?

The pictures were somewhat shocking to me however it emboldened my faith and prayer for these souls and my own. The news I observed before regarding this issue seemed vague and removed. Sadly, it took these images to really bring home what was happening for me. Maybe I receive too much information that it takes something shocking to get my attention. On the otherhand, other people live with this every day. Is viewing these attrocities participating in their suffereing or something worse? What say you and the Church?


That particular news article is being discussed in this thread:

You might want to look for comments there.

I, for one, trend to think we need to see actual evidence of the barbarous conduct of these people. We are shocked and hurt by it, but we tend to not even recognize the true nature of what is going on. It is so easy to euphamize this in our heads, to make it antiseptic, that we, without seeing this, will minimize it. (Consider the emotional impact of The Passion of the Christ versus a lot of other films)


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