Is Prayer a Regimen?


I’m probably the last person to be posting something like this.

The problem I have with prayer is falling in and out of it. It’s become almost like dieting. I spent long hours, years at a time, really, seeking to make prayer a regimen, a habit, I would not break, but it wasn’t like that in the end.

I enjoy doing it when I do it, yet too often find days, weeks, months going by when all I can do when coming back home is having my head hit the pillow.

It is certainly not what prayer should be – so I seem to do it now when I feel moved to. Exercise and diet are regimens; prayer should be different – it should come from a loving relationship with God – and I surprise myself when I realize I don’t have that. I had it before, why not now? Is a lack of a prayer life proof you don’t have a loving relationship with God?

So I found myself going through these reading selections. They’re very good but seem to lead to the belief that prayer is a regimen like diet or exercise.

Any advice to add to Fr. Gallagher’s?



Comments…Prayer like communication is essential for maintaining a relationship…God wants to hear hear from who desire to be his kids…Canned prayers are good when were not sure what to say, but He wants to hear the individuals heart…You have to develop a prayer life, it can’t be a ritual or you will tire of it…Prayer doesn’t have to be deep or eloquent but just flow from pure heart desires…


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