Is praying for a miscarriage a grave sin?


My husband and I found out a little while back that we are expecting our first child. This was a bit of a surprise, though I now see where we made a mistake in using NFP (using an “iffy” day). As a result, I spent a short time after I found out really questioning God’s decision to send us a child just now, and I prayed for a miscarriage, that He “reconsider”. I did not do anything that would endanger the life of my baby; on the contrary, I did everything expecting mothers are supposed to do to ensure having a healthy baby. BUT, was praying for a miscarriage a grave sin?

(I wonder if this might have been brought on by the surprise of becoming pregnant, first trimester unstable moods that doctors warn of, etc. I no longer am worried–in fact, I’m very happy.)




All mortal sins can be completely forgiven through the sacrament of Penance (Confession). If you have been honest in what you have confessed, you will walk out of the confessional free of all sin—no matter what the nature of the sin was. When Jesus told His Apostles: “ whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven…” (Jn 20:23), He meant it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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