Is praying for someone's relationship to end a bad thing?

If you have a friend who is in a really bad relationship (past physical abuse current mental, emotional, psychological abuse) is it wrong to pray that the relationship would end and they leave the person abusing them?

No, it would not be wrong, although one should also pray for the repentance of the abusive party and for God’s will to be done in the situation.

The only time it would be “wrong” to pray that someone’s relationship would end, IMNAAHO, would be if this was in order for oneself to move in romantically. Again, IMNAAHO.


No, why would that be wrong?

In this case it would be beneficial and good to pray for a breakup. God bless you.

I would pray somewhat differently if they are married – though in extreme cases separation may be the only way to deal with a situation. I would also be careful to avoid using the word “abuse” to describe anything one person doesn’t like (not saying you are doing this, but it happens).

Yes, if the couple is a married couple, then this is different. God bless you.

She’s not married. She’s living with a guy who has some sort of control over her and keeps her from leaving. She’s a really nice person but she simply won’t accept what everyone tells her that he is an abusive person and that she needs to leave. I love her as a friend but I am sick and tired of seeing her cry and hearing the lack of self respect in her voice that can be fixed if she gets away from him.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I continue to offer my prayers for her and hope she realizes she deserves better in life then what’s she getting now.

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