Is praying the rosary a sin if it violates the conscience?


I have a Baptist raised friend who I’ve been talking with for a while now about religion and Catholicism. I invited her to pray the rosary with me but she refused saying that she would be sinning because she believes it is wrong. So A) would she actually be sinning since she has a misformed conscience? And B) how can I help her to see that the rosary is a very powerfull and good prayer to say?


Try praying the “Scriptural Rosary” with her to put her mind at ease, that this prayer indeed is rooted in the Holy Scriptures and the Life of our Lord.


You need to understand her reasons as to why she thinks it’s wrong. Most likely because it’s a rote prayer and, in her mind, it’s worshipping Mary.

Ask her first, why she thinks it’s a sin.

Then address her reasons.

Sometimes, when it comes to exposing non-Catholics to Catholicism, going to the Rosary or anything to do with Our Lady is not the best first step.


I think for some people with little knowledge of the faith or just coming into the faith the rosary may be too intense at first. I remember when I was just returning into the church as a Catholic it took me a while to get warmed up to the rosary to where it felt comfortable to me. No it would not be a sin for for her to pray the rosary. But I think her response to you right now is clear…she does not feel comfortable praying the rosary and I think that you should respect her response and let it go.

However if she does seem interested in catholic spirituality…you can do something different. The chaplet of the precious blood is similar to the rosary. However instead of being filled with hail mary’s, it’s prayed with “our father’s” 33 to be exact. One for each year of christ’s life and meditates on the mysteries in Jesus’ life in which he shed his bled. It’s just a suggestion and she may be more comfortable with it


Agreed. When I became Catholic, the Rosary, being a private devotion, was so far off my radar. It took me a few years of our Lady leading me to it, to appreciate it.

I tend to discourage anyone from pointing to the Rosary for those who have issues with it at first. It takes time.


I totally agree with you on this one.

Most people from what I read and heard, are ok with the Eucharist, Apostolic Succession, but Mary makes them hit a brick wall.


I just want to say that I agree with the last three poster. I came into the church after being a life long evangelico. Praying tghe Rosary was the last thing on my mind. I so wanted to bercome catholic becayse I became convinced of the body and blood of Christ in the eucharist was true.I had a lot of questions about Mary. I of course knew that she gave birth to out Lord. It took me abor a little over a year befofe I coujld recite the rosary and know that it was ok to do.


I hope I’m not committing a sin because I pray the rosary EVERY day – I love it – I pray for my children – my grandchildren – a class in our local Catholic school – I pray with my first cup of coffee – when I’m walking the few blocks to Church – when I’m walking to our local public transportation – truly, it’s the only thing that keeps me going!!!


Like a couple of other posters said, the Marian doctrines and the Catholic veneration of Mary is very often the very last step a Protestant takes embracing the Catholic faith, I doubt any amount of explaining will persuade her. If you want to introduce her to Catholic prayer, start with something a little more comfortable for Protestants. Maybe the Divine Mercy Chaplet?


Agreed! :slight_smile:


Barb G - Of course you’re not sinning by praying the Rosary!

The original poster, keblash is talking about whether to push his non-Catholic friend to go against her conscience even if it’s mistaken.

Well, of course we shouldn’t. Convincing people is one thing, and pushing them is another. Especially since we do have so many other kinds of Catholic prayers that we can share, if the Rosary makes someone uncomfortable. Later on, when somebody understands in their mind and heart and gut, there’s no problem. But if somebody really thinks that the Rosary is idolatry or that repetitious prayer is a sin, it would be sinful for her to pray the Rosary against her best (even though faulty) knowledge of God’s will.

(Of course, if it were a case of a kid under the age of reason, a parent could tell the kid to go against his conscience without the kid sinning. Because the kid doesn’t have a fully formed conscience, and can’t sin yet anyway. A person over the age of reason is different.)

Prayer should be something undertaken of one’s own free will.


you go girl! don’t worry about what this person thinks.


I think The Rosary when prayed correctly and in the right mind set can be a very beautiful prayer and can be very powerful especially when we are troubled.

On the other hand I do understand sometimes some Protestants issues with the RCC.

I wasn’t raised Catholic per-say only really in name so I had to come into my faith.

I can say that even after all this time there are some things I do think are spiritual problems and errors for individuals of both lay and Clergy.

I will list them off

  1. When thinking or talking about Mary some people tend to say Mary lead them or is protecting them or things like that.

This is sort of where we get accused of Mary being a Goddess in the Church.

This can come off to Protestants as if Mary is Omnipresent like God and even I as a Catholic struggle with this one and I tend to think of Mary in more of the traditional sense as the perfect Mother to inspire and aspire to be like as Joseph is to many Fathers and the Holy family is to many Mothers and Fathers.
I think of Mary of course of as the Mother of Jesus and one of Greatest of God’s Chosen as she bore the Messiah the Son of God into this world as Theotokos.
I think of her use of her freewill to say yes to God and be the Mother of Jesus.
I think of the Great struggle and challenge of her and Josephs journey to bring the Savior into this world.
Mary can be I think sort of a comfort or a motherly figure especially when we think of the Nativity in Advent Season.
Lastly I think of Mary as a Intercessor like all the Angels and Saints who pray for us in heaven.

I don’t at least personally on a Spiritual or Theological level understand how Mary or any of the Saints could lead us or protect us and be several places at once at the same time so I tend to think more of Mary and Saints praying for us and leading us and inspiring us with their lives rather than their actual spiritual presence.

But hey who knows I think one of the Apostles could bi locate like Jesus and when we are resurrected we are in Glorified bodies so maybe we can can achieve more of those feats.

Just sort of confusing to me is all.

  1. Overemphasis on Marian Private Revelations by Lay and Clergy.

People can talk at times more about Fatima then about the Book of Revelations or any of the other Prophetic books.
This can come off to Protestants as though we have a false Gospel or that we don’t read our Bibles.

Also Private Revelations are just that there private visions there a part of Catholic Culture not a part of our Deposits of Faith.
Protestants probably won’t understand that and even if you make the clear distinction between the two public revelation and private revelation it’s not going to help much in some cases.

  1. Evangelizing with Mary, Marian Devotions and Private Revelations.

People tend to do this online in the comments in a lot on places like youtube and yahoo answers and other internet portals.

They fight with Protestants talk about “Our lady says this and Our lady says that” and that means nothing to a Protestant and if anything those types of people further ingrain that Catholics are Maryolitors into the minds of those Protestants.

These are the same Catholics that pester and harass other Catholics to wear the Scapular, Wear the Miraculous Medal, pray the Rosary, Pray for consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart.
These are the same people that not once in there internet street preaching ever Mention Jesus or really hardly talk about him.
They are also the same people that every time some one has a crisis tell them to pray the Rosary whether there Catholic or not.
These are the same people that tell everyone you can’t love Mary more than Jesus when you clearly can.
If you can love yourself more than God or your Spouse or your Children or your Friends or Football, or Baseball or Hockey or Golf or any Vices such as Liquor or Tobacco or other substances then clearly you can love Mary the mother of God who was and still is very human more then God Jesus.

These people who are fundamentalist and fanatical about Mary I would even as a Catholic think of them as Maryioltars just by the sheer energy and focus they put towards Our Blessed Mother that it at least appears they do and I am sad to say that really do Worship Mary and not in the Dulia sense either.

They are two forms of idolatry the traditional form of worshiping inanimate objects as though they are God’s and alive and the later which Idolatry is anything you idolize more than God or anything you place before God could be sports or drinking beer with friends over going to Mass.
Could be concentrating too much on Mary or a particular Saint and spending ALL your spiritual Focus on them rather than God.

So there are some bad examples of Our People and you have to consider that people, human beings will always take something good and beautiful and and twist it and misuse it.

I would agree with the other Commentators maybe just leave it be and concentrate on explaining the Faith more.
It may help to clear up the distinction of what is Cultural and what is a part of the Deposits of Faith and how we don’t believe in people in heaven are Dead and that they along with Jesus are very much alive and pray for us.

Not trying to start a debate or fight Not trying to Offend or hurt feelings with my list I was pointing out examples I have seen as a Catholic that I perceive are bad or negative examples of Catholics and the Catholic faith and do not contribute to spreading of the Faith or encourage people to Pray the Rosary.

I don’t always Pray the Rosary really hardly at all but I carry a Rosary with a Miraculous Medal and St Benedict Medal in my Pocket everyday and feel naked with out it.
I have one of those Church Militant Rosaries that are reproductions of WWI Service Rosary’s which are practically unbreakable and I don’t have to worry about my Children if they do get a hold of it breaking it.


You are so very right Governator. I think that you show so much wisdom.One thing that I asked the RCIA Director when I was in class was How can Mary hear all the prayers from all over the world many praying at the same time? After all only God has that ability. I was never given a satisfactory answer answer, just a lot of thought and I will get back to you. However at that time I wanted so much to be recieved into the church that was upper most in my mind. I do believe the church is the one founded by Christ. I do believe that He will keep her from error. I love the holy mass and recieving communion. I am sure that the bread and wine are the true body and precious blood of Jesus. I am so glad to be in the one true and holy catholic church. I became catholic seven years ago. I am now 82 years old and I am still thrilled to go to mass and worship with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Still I will not let this one thing ever deter me in any way to gladly tell anyonme that ask that I believe in the One Holy and Apostolic church.


Maybe even just one Hail Mary starting from some readings in the book of Luke even before that. Or more, a prayer you have in common with her faith.


Is anything and everything considered a sin that “violates” one’s conscience?



My answer is no some people have disordered consciences such as scrupulousity in which they will obsess over certain things, or situations and may convince themselves that something that may be very trivial, is very sinful, when there is actually no sin involved at all.

I have had instances of scrupulousity when I’ve prayed the rosary in the past in which in my conscience I had convinced myself that I was doing something wrong or sinful if I had not felt that I prayed a hail Mary with attention or devotion, or if my mind had wandered. What I used to do to satisfy my conscience was to add extra hail mary’s to my rosary. Which is the wrong way of looking at the rosary. My conscience had convinced myself that there was wrong doing when there wasn’t any. Now a days what I do when I feel that way is I never ever go back and repeat prayers that I feel like I messed up while praying the rosary. I don’t give in to my scrupulous conscience.


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