Is praying the rosary in different languages on different days ok?

Another question that may seem silly to some. I just started to pray the holy rosary daily in hopes that it will help me become a better person and have a closer relationship with God and our Blessed Mother. I grew up going to mass in Spanish and saying the rosary in Spanish. Then I went to Catholic school and learned everything in English as well. When I do pray the rosary, it is in Spanish. I have wanted to pray it in English because it comes so naturally, but feel it won’t have the same effect. I know that is ridiculous. Can I pray it in different languages on different days or should it be in the same language every day?

One language is not more or less effective than any other. God and Mary (through God’s power) can understand any language. You are able to pray in two languages. It’s like talking to a friend that understands both languages, too. So I don’t see why it would be a problem to pray the rosary in either language, or both, on any given day. :shrug:

Since the rosary is a private devotion, you can pray it any way you like. Really, it’s for your edification, so if it has more meaning/spiritual benefit in one language over another, that’s fine. If you knew 7 languages and wanted to pray the rosary in each one over a week’s time, that would also be fine, but again, if would be a help to your faith.

That’s what I thought. Thank y’all and God bless y’all!


As a person who was asked by his teacher to drop french because my accent was so poor, I think it is just showing off! Hee! Hee!
Good on you. It is a lovely prayer especially for us devoted to the Blessed Virgin. Either language is fine as the beauty is in the chance to leave the day behind and concentrate on your Lord. But as Spanish is such a beautiful language off the tongue, I can understand your preference.

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