Is pre-marital kissing a sin?

Is it? Is slow dancing and even touching each other a sin?

As long as it is not intended to result in sexual stimulation it is fine. Also, anything that could create a strong temptation to go to far is dangerous, even if the action itself is morally OK.

Nothing inherently wrong about any of the things you said. It’s just a matter of being able to do so without it being sexual. Some people can do all of the above and not have any temptation towards sexual things at all; some people would really struggle with that. It’s a matter of knowing where your own personal limits are and the limits of your partner and not crossing them.

However, those activities CAN be an occasion to sin if they cause you to lust (note the distinction: they themselves are not the sin, the lust they cause is).

Is becoming sexually aroused by it alright as long as you don’t go any further?

This was just talked about on the family life forum. No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t post it here or anything else, just learn some cool stuff from the posters who have already talked about it.

My take-People worry about what is “sin” so much that the term “sin” has lost it’s meaning. Slow dancing and and pre-marital kissing is fine.

Touching? That ind of made me laugh. Remember, Jesus not only came in physical contact with other humans, he kissed Judas on the cheek


As long as it is not your intention to become sexually aroused, there’s no sin.

If you experience what you perceive to be sexual arousal during the kiss, which seems very very likely if your kiss is anything more than a quick peck, then that’s possible mortal sin, and possible hell fire. and you want to stay as far away from that as possible, so it would seem you need to be VERY pure and self-controlled before you even think about a pre-marital kiss.

I dont’ agree with it, but it is where my understanding of Church teaching takes me.

Before marriage, anything that you would be comfortable doing with your mother, father, siblings, or grandparents is quite ok, including a brief kiss on the lips. Beyond that things start getting iffy. If prolonged kissing on the lips and the like don’t arouse you, you are indeed a cold fish and I would never have wanted that in my marriage partner. If you need “gasoline” to start a fire you are a poor example of a boy scout. :thumbsup::eek:

So is making out and such a mortal sin? (Please note I have never had a girlfriend)

Can you make out with zero sexual excitement or arousal? If you can, then you are not doing it right.

So, making out = sexual excitement outside marriage = grave matter = possible hell fire.

It seems yes, mortal sin.

It is insane how very non sinful affection such as a hug or a light peck of a kiss is just fine, but kissing for a couple extra seconds = hell. It really bothers me to have such a blurry line when we are dealing with loving affection vs eternal torture in hell.

The more interesting question is, why would you think so?

Holy Pre-occupation With Hell Batman!

It’s on;y putting his soul in danger if it’s a mortal sin and its only a mortal sin if he gives full consent of the will and I’m faily sure that, with a completely unaroused mind he’s going to say to himself “I am going to kiss my girlfriend and I am going to get aroused. God’s law or no God’s law.” If the arousal is unintentional then it’s a venial sin and does not put him in danger of hellfire. I would suggest focusing on the forgiving and loving nature of God first and foremost because the God we worship is loving Father first and judge second.

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Why is purposeful serial arousal before marriage a mortal sin?

This may help:

(I would twique a bit under “pure intent”…sin can also happen when they “start to enjoy” the arousal…consenting to it…I think the author though in this section means “un-intented automatic enjoyment” that starts…or desires…that such is a time to stop…and such is different)


Seriously, why would you ask this?

Sexual arousal is not sin but healthy.What you do with it may determine sin.Kissing is no more sin than venerating Mary is idolatry. Form your conscience & in the end decide as the catechism teaches

Sexual arousal is not sin,never was,its healthy & normal.What u do with it may be sinful. Kissing is beautiful & no more a sin than venerating Mary is idolatry

No it is not if its out of affection & the dignity of the human person is intact.Form your conscience as the catechism dictates

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