Is preservation of christian unconditional?

Calvinism argues that God preserves his elects and they cannot fall away from faith with quoting many scriptures. if a Christian fall away from faith then they say they were never born again in the first place.
I reckon that it is wrong. Can you help me?

Here are a few articles you might find helpful…



The Catholic Church teaches:

CCC 298; Since God could create everything out of nothing, he can also, through the Holy Spirit, give spiritual life to sinners by creating a pure heart in them. 148
And since God was able to make light shine in darkness by his Word, he can also give the light of faith to those who do not yet know him.

St. Augustine on Grace and Predestination

(1) On human interaction with grace : Every good work, even good will, is the work of God:
De gratia Christi 25, 26: "For not only has God given us our ability and helps it, but He even works [brings about] willing and acting in us; not that we do not will or that we do not act, but that without His help we neither will anything good nor do it"
De gratia et libero arbitrio 16, 32: "It is certain that we will when we will; but He brings it about that we will good … . It is certain that we act when we act, but He brings it about that we act, providing most effective powers to the will."
CCCS 1996-1998; God’s call to eternal life is supernatural, coming totally from God’s decision and surpassing all power of human intellect and will.
Aquinas said, "God changes the will without forcing it . But he can change the will from the fact that he himself operates in the will as he does in nature,” De Veritatis 22:9. 31. ST I-II:112:3. 32. Gaudium et Spes 22; "being …

CCC 2022; The divine initiative in the work of grace precedes, prepares, and elicits the free response of man.
There is a supernatural intervention of God in the faculties of the soul, which precedes the free act of the will, (De fide).
Catholics also agree, if “elect” fall away they were never been elect.

The salvation of the elect infallible assured by God, they cannot lose their salvation.
God bless

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The ultimate point is that there is no assurance of salvation. You must endure until the end.

As an ex-Calvinist, you think that there is no possible way to lose your salvation. But what IS possible is backsliding into a condition where -as was posted - you were never really “saved” anyway, which is a possibility for anyone. It’s what my old Calvinist pals say about me in my current spiritual condition per their paradigm.

And I was absolutely as sincere about my confessions of faith then as a human could possibly be.

Ultimately, there is no assurance of salvation.
(Unless, that is, they wish to argue that I’m still saved by a god that I no longer particularly believe in)

The Catholic dogma
CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA The predestination of the elect.

(1) Consequently, the whole future membership of heaven, down to its minutest details, with all the different measures of grace and the various degrees of happiness, has been irrevocably fixed from all eternity. Nor could it be otherwise. For if it were possible that a predestined individual should after all be cast into hell or that one not predestined should in the end reach heaven, then God would have been mistaken in his foreknowledge of future events; He would no longer be omniscient.

(2) The second quality of predestination, the definiteness of the number of the elect, follows naturally from the first. For if the eternal counsel of God regarding the predestined is unchangeable, then the number of the predestined must likewise be unchangeable and definite, subject neither to additions nor to cancellations. Anything indefinite in the number would eo ipso imply a lack of certitude in God’s knowledge and would destroy His omniscience. Furthermore, the very nature of omniscience demands that not only the abstract number of the elect, but also the individuals with their names.
ante prævisa merita
Asserts that God, by an absolute decree and without regard to any future supernatural merits, predestined from all eternity certain men to the glory of heaven, and then, in consequence of this decree, decided to give them all the graces necessary for its accomplishment.
God’s unerring foreknowledge and foreordaining is designated in the Bible by the beautiful figure of the “Book of Life” ( liber vitæ , to biblion tes zoes ). This book of life is a list which contains the names of all the elect and admits neither additions nor erasures.

Without the special help of God the justified cannot persevere to the end in justification. (De fide.) – It is God’s responsibility TO KEEP US SAVED by his Gift of Perseverance.
Without God’s gift of Perseverance everyone would die in mortal sin, THERE IS NO SALVATION WITHOUT THIS GIFT OF GRACE, while the receivers of His gift of Perseverance NO ONE can die in mortal sin because this is an INFALLIBLE PROTECTION of every receiver.
At their baptism EVERY ELECT receives God’s special grace His Gift of Perseverance which is an INFALLIBLE PROTECTION of the salvation of every elect.
The Catholic Church teaches and it is an INFALLIBLE TEACHINGS of the Trent and a formal teachings of the Catholic Church, those who are predestined to Heaven/ God’s elect CAN NOT LOSE THEIR SALVATION.
God bless

Some folks have been led to think that John Calvin’s propositions are not Christian…

Far Better to remain a follower of Jesus - Son of God - via getting to know Him v.v.well

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