Is President Trump pro-life/pro-choice

President Trump has considered himself as ‘pro-choice in every respect’ and I see in the www that now he considers that ‘abortion should be banned at some point in pregnancy, with exceptions for rape, incest or life of the mother’. He believes abortion should be banned except when it is allowed. I also see ‘In 2011 he explained to the Christian Broadcasting Network that he had changed his mind on the issue. In “The America We Deserve,” Trump then wrote that he supported a woman’s right to choose.’

But does anyone trust Mr Trump? Has he been known to lie, be economical with the truth or use ‘terminological inexactitutes’.

As an Irish Catholic I would not believe anything he says. I do not consider him, in spite of my tolerant, non-judgmental Christian attitude, a person of integrity.

I suspect his current pro-life stand is a negotiating ploy to gain votes, but I may be wrong. This is why I am posting this. What do you think?


If you kill someone without a declaration of war or without giving them due process, you cannot claim the position of pro-life.

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One of the first things Trump did in office was to reinstate the Mexico City Policy in a stronger than previous form. That shows he is at least somewhat pro-life.


Rhetorical questions - I said rhetorical, OK?

  1. If I were an Irish Catholic (Scotch-Irish actually), Would I really need to be concerned?
  2. Was I so concerned over Obama?
  3. President Trump - love him hate him or indifferent to him - has done more for the Catholic Church, conscience and the cause of life than any president in US history. For which of these acts is he being condemned?

It’s amazing how many ‘non judgemental’ people judge Donald Trump.

As did I in 2016. He seems to be doing the right things from what I know though so I don’t care what his personal views are


Trump is really only pro-Trump. He knows who his supporters are, though.


Well, anyone from the Democratic Party would most certainly be pro-choice, and we as Catholics all know (or are supposed to know) voting for pro-choice candidates is inadmissible.

So even if Trump has flip flopped on this issue before, he still enacts pro-life policies and, his flaws aside, is better than what the opposite party has to offer.


definitely. he knows what to say and who to say it to. you can’t say abortion is wrong, except in these cases… he lives in the gray area and tries to keep everyone happy. jmo tho.

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He is whatever it is expedient to be.


First and only POTUS to speak at March For Life


first to interrupt a prayer breakfast


In the Christian webosphere there are many faithful Christians suspecting the same thing “in their waters”, by the red flags and “spidey senses” or whatever way you would describe it. But on the horizon there is a beacon of light in the American Solidarity Party that aligns with the whole of Catholic social doctrine. Hopefully they can be a primary party in the future.


Simple answer is, only Mr Trump and God know the truth.


No, first and only President of the US to address MfL in person. Raido, Live Video were used in the past.

He’s the only president to speak at the March for Life.

He has repeatedly appointed conservative pro-life judges to federal courts, most notably Neil Gorsuch.

He has repeatedly used the bully pulpit of the Presidency to advocate for the unborn.

He’s as prolife as you will get in the ov office, including compared to either of the Bushes.

It’s also pretty awful to me to see Catholics bash someone who is clearly a prolife president. I would respectfully urge those who would do so, to understand that, by doing so, you are impliedly supporting his adversaries - who generally include some of the most rabid and radical pro-abortion politicians out there.


I’d lay my life on the line that this is the case.

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Yes I said “speak at”


One more point: you are what your actions say you are. His actions say he’s prolife.


Not at all. Re read my post and you will see that I suggest the new and growing fast American Solidarity Party whose platform is in every way the Catholic Social Justice teaching.


The point of nurturing a discerning spirit is because outward actions can be used to disguise a different inner agenda. The Church knows this more than anyone because that is why so many very terrible Priests were beloved by Catholics who only saw actions they approved.

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