Is procrastination a sin?

Is it a sin?

I usually wait until a day or two before an exam to study.

Yes. It falls under the capital sin of sloth. Venial if it’s only on small matters. Mortal if it’s grave (ie: flunk out of school/get fired, etc).

I severely suffer from procrastination. It supposedly leads to flunking out of school with massive debt, not being able to get a job and being unable to pay your bills, causing you to shack up with some guy to support you, leaving you pregnant our of wedlock and unable to leave the situation. At least that’s what my confessor told me. :shrug:

I thought sloth had to do with ignoring God, not praying, etc?

That’s spiritual sloth.

Procrastination can be a sin. Like, me for example. I’m lousy at doing housework because I keep putting it off until later. Often times I’ve been embarrassed because. I’m trying to keep it up better, but old habits die hard.

Oh, and let’s say that you overheard two people who were planning on robbing a bank. You could do nothing, and allowing that robbery to actually happen. Or you could contact the police so that there is better protection for the bank.

Depends. A lot of people focus more intently when they have a close deadline. Ask your confessor.

It’s certainly a character defect, and can lead to problems in life. Paying bills for example.

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A teacher of mine likes to tell me that procrastination is the thief of time.

As to the moral issue, it would depend on the seriousness of your negligence. If someone is depending on you to do something important, it would be sinful to just abandon them, though only your confessor can tell you how sinful. On the other hand, waiting to do your math homework until the last minute should probably be avoided but I wouldn’t call it a sin (unless your mother commands you not to do so).

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