Is 'professor' who helped with Michael Brown autopsy who he says he is?


(CNN) – The last thing an attorney might expect to receive at a deposition is a brain, but that’s what the man said he was handing over.

But an investigation by CNN that included interviews with attorneys, law enforcement and physicians suggests Parcells isn’t the expert he seems to be.

“I got a master’s degree in anatomy and physiology, with clinical correlation,” he said.
Asked where his diploma was, he replied that it was on the way. “It’s coming,” he said. “They mail it to you.”

The next day, at another on-camera interview, the conversation went like this:

CNN: So that master’s degree in New York, you have that degree?
Parcells: I will have it next month, yes.

CNN: I don’t mean the piece of paper. I mean have you been conferred that degree?
Parcells: Yes, I will. Next month.

CNN: Right now, as we speak, you have that degree?

Parcells: No, I do not.


I didn’t even know a professor had helped with the autopsy.
Weren’t there 3 separate autopsies done?
Which autopsy did the professor supposedly help on?


Another thing people can latch on to claim the verdict was wrong.:rolleyes:


I read and re-read the article to figure this out. The best that I can tell is that he was part of the autopsy that the Brown family did. If it had been one of the “official” autopsies, I suspect the article from CNN would’ve screamed that over and over. It’s like another something I read, does anyone know that the “biased” prosecutor is a Democrat? I bet if he was Republican, this would be referenced in every article about him.

I’m just ready for this to end. I want my city back.



I belive the autopsy done by Dr. Baden is that which the Brown family tequested. Yes, I did hear the prosecutor is a democrat. I believe I heard his father was a police officer who had been killed by an African American when the prosecutor was a young boy and they were chargjng he might have been prejudiced because of that. Is that true?
Do you live in Ferguson or greater St. Louis?


I live in the greater STL area but I identify as a st. Louisan (love my cardinals!!). My particular city is not one of the many suburb towns you may hear of as part of the St. Louis county area; I do not vote in any of the elections for any of these positions.

The prosecutor’s father was a policeman killed in the line of duty - up until this case, that was considered his bonafides to be a law and order guy. I don’t think he’s had a real opponent in an election in forever. But, yes, that is one of the many “reasons”, the grand jury results are bogus.


What is one of many reasons grand jury results are bogus?
I have faith the grand jury did their job.


If the liberal media is going to have someone be the poster child for police racism against blacks how about next time choose someone who was innocent beyond doubt instead of someone who gets killed while committing a serious crime? Another suggestion is don’t ignore the fact that sometimes it’s a black cop that has to kill a white teenager in self-defense.

White Teen Killed By Black Police Officer in Alabama Mirrors Ferguson



I agree. The quotes around bogus has to do with what the protesters are saying. I can’t keep up with all of their reasons of why the process was unfair. Some include - too much evidence presented (the good wasn’t sorted from the bad), bias of grand jury (too many whites- even though it was sat way before this trial) etc.

I even saw today that it was supposed to be the cops that set fire to the buildings and not the rioters.


:rolleyes: remember-this is probably the blame it on Bush crowd-so blaming the police seems only natural for them. They don’t want to look at the facts.


Ironically, the protestors are actually doing exactly what they accuse police officers are doing; engaging in racial profiling! They are relying on historical precedents and their own experiences to profile Darren Wilson as “murderous racist white thug with a badge”. But since the protests started even before the officer was named, I also think some of the protestors don’t really care if Wilson himself was guilty or not, they are angry not just about Michael Brown but about other young black men who died at the hands of police officers, and I’m sure some of those cases were much more legitimate as abuses of power than this particular one.

Now while I realize some police officers are indeed brutal and corrupt, and some are racist as well, but that does not mean “every single time a white cop shoots a black man, he committed a crime”. What scares me, is that I really do think some people would rather have 100 officers shot dead by criminals than have 1 more innocent person shot dead by a police officer. Even on CAF, many posters suggested Wilson should have just ran away instead of doing his job!


So… guess who is involved in a VIP meeting in the White House about Ferguson? None other than AL SHARPTON! I had this guy Obama figured out as a race hustler from the word “Go”! And he proves me more correct every day. His mission is to tear America apart. Don’t let him! :mad: Rob


I read that the prosecutor himself did not present the case to the grand jury, two people in his office did. Is that true?


While that is stating it rather bluntly, how could one expect anything else? The president, that was elected twice, sat for twenty years that preached nothing but hate and racism. Remember Jeremiah Wright?


Yes. From what I understand the prosecutor had little to do directly with this case. I wonder if he had recused himself if that would’ve staved off any of the protests - I doubt it.

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