Is Purgatory in the Bible?

Well, a while ago, I read a lot about visits to heaven and hell. And before this, I always thought all religions believed in purgatory. But in a few of the stories, they said not to believe in purgatory because Jesus told them it’s not true. The information they gave in the stories seemed pretty convincing. And I’ve researched and they say that nowhere in the bible does it say that purgatory exists. :confused: So I’m a little confused now because I know that I should have faith in God, but when God’s word never states this, then how can I have faith in it? I feel kind of bad for needing so much proof, but I don’t know where to put my faith towards. So please help with some advice.

The following links should answer your question about Purgatory. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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