Is Purgatory real?

Since our Lord, Jesus, paid the price for everything, when He allowed Himself to die on the cross, why would people have to go to purgatory when they die to pay an additional price by not being allowed to be in the presence of God for a period of time? Wasn’t Jesus’ sacrifice
enough? Some have said it is because we are "still stained " because of sin and we do not receive all of the redemption grace at once, so we have to go to purgatory until we receive all of the redemptive grace from the death of Jesus. Ok, but then what about those who are still here on earth when the Lord returns and they are transformed in the twinkle of an eye and meet Him in the air. Why would the Lord give all of the redemptive grace to them at one time and not to all…because He is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one He will do for all. It does not make sense to m.

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