Is reading my daily horoscope a sin?


Would it be a okay to read my daily horoscope just for fun, as long as I do not take it seriously?


Reading a daily horoscope just for laughs may not be a sin, but it could qualify as a near occasion of sin. That is because the temptation is always present to give credence to the “predictions.” A person may start out thinking that the horoscope is nonsense, but the longer he exposes himself to it, the greater his chances of eventually believing in it. It may also be a slippery slope to greater sins.

For example, someone who merely reads his daily horoscope indicates interest in astrology. A well-meaning friend might treat this person to an astrology reading – just for kicks – as a birthday present. The reading is so fun that the person goes back occasionally; then, perhaps, regularly. Then perhaps astrology doesn’t quite have the original thrill and the person decides to go to a seance… again, just for fun. And so on. The trouble with doing something just for fun is that it can require more and more exposure to that something to keep the fun alive.

All in all, I cannot recommend reading a daily horoscope even “just for fun.” There is simply too much risk of addiction.

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