Is recieving Sacraments at SSPX okay?


I consider visiting a SSPX parish during the upcoming weekend.
Does anyone of you know if we as Catholics may recieve sacraments like Reconciliation or the Eucharist at a SSPX parish? I know that Pope Francis have been to dialogue with the SSPX but does that lead to it being okay?

I prefer not to discuss the SSPX as communion or a part of the Church but rather to know what is the Catholic opinion on this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I personally wouldn’t unless I was truly desperate…ie dying and needing to make a confession and only had access to an SSPX priest.

If you are looking for a traditionalist aesthetic, there are other organizations like FSSP that aren’t in an irregular relationship with Rome.


How can you “prefer not to discuss the SSPX as communion or a part of the Church” while starting a thread that begs those questions.

(Yes to Mass)

(Yes to Confessions)

(Yes to Marriages)


There you go again, trying to sneak in logic.

It was just me trying to say that I would prefer not to get attacked with questions on why I would want to attend their Mass etc.

But if you want to know: I want traditionalism, so I will visit the SSPX.

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But you don’t need to go to the SSPX to get traditionalism.


For me the options are attending a regular Mass at my parish or attending SSPX in a city which is some miles away from me.

I don´t know whether I will start attending it more than once or not, but I would want to see what it´s like. I´ve never been to a Latin Mass so I would be a good experience to have either way :slight_smile: @BoomBoomMancini

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Seems like going to Confession with SSPX priests are okay with the Church. That is good to know. Is it okay to recieve Communion there as well?

See the first link in my post :slight_smile: yes


The document Fr. David cites is from 2009.

The PCED has spoken on this subject more recently


I see. Thank you.

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There was another SSPX enthusiast with a penchant for Latin usernames. If you’re not her, i apologize.

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Just as an FWI, the SSPX doesn’t have any parishes in North America.
They have chapels, not connected to or approved by any diocese.

The Coalition for Ecclesia Dei maintains an online list of approved Masses in the EF. Many cities have them that are not well known. In my city for instance there is no religious order for this but diocesan clergy take turns to offer 2 Masses each Sunday, in different parishes, with many special other times as well.

“YES” is misleading. Please read your link carefully.

“The Pope will allow Catholic bishops to appoint priests to assist at SSPX marriages and formally receive the consent of the couples. The nuptial Mass then would be celebrated by the SSPX priest.”

The above is NOT an SSPX priest receiving the consent of the couples.

“In addition, Pope Francis gave bishops the option of granting an SSPX priest the necessary faculties to officiate validly over the marriage rite “if there are no priests in the diocese” available to do so.”

This one would allow an SSPX priest to officiate but I would think it is would be extremely rare not to be able to find a non-SSPX priest in the entire diocese.

My point is that “Yes” is too simplistic an answer.


Please note there’s also a matter of your Sunday/Holy Day obligation, if that will be involved. It’s dubious at best whether participation at SSPX Masses satisfy the requirements of Canon Law here. Confession and Eucharist may be valid and you may still find yourself in an illicit situation.

Just out of curiosity, would a deacon suffice?

I am just guessing no as the directive specifies priests but don’t know for sure.

This Catholic’s opinion is that I would not want anyone, including the SSPX, to be under the misunderstanding that I was supporting them. So therefore I would not go.


Maybe you should edit this post so people realize it is misleading and not current.

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