Is religion doing enough to root out abuse?

Christian churches, as well as other religions, have faced claims of child abuse.

But what is striking about the Jehovah’s Witnesses is their explicit policy of dealing with abuse in-house.

Because of their practice of following the Bible literally, they insist there must be two witnesses to a crime, often not the case in child abuse cases.

Everybody is up in arms about “religion” and child abuse, but nobody seems to care about all the teachers and therapists and all their abuse on the record…


Because, abuse is an old worn claim used to attack the Church. Sure, priest related abuse happens, but no more than any more group. The media focused on “religion” and “priests” and “churches” to have an excuse to arrest priests, fine dioceses, close parishes, scandalize MILLIONS.

Let’s toss in the fact that the JW’s use their own version of the Bible that varies from other Bibles greatly.

Is religion doing enough to root out abuse?
Unfortunately, no.:frowning:

Believe me lots of people care, at least where I live.
A teacher who sexually molests his/her student will lose the privilege to teach for the rest of their lives. A pastor who does the same crime can often continue preaching if his/her congregation forgives the crime.

:ehh: what more would you have “religion” do??

You may want to follow up on this and check with your church to find out just what procedures have been put in place to protect children. I know in my Church we have quite a process in order to become a volunteer to work with children. There are rules in place and quite a bit of discussion about safety of children. All this is ordered by our diocese and our Bishop is taking this seriously.

If you believe that your church is not doing enough don’t just sit back and complain. Make waves.

…a lot more than we are doing now.
You have religion in quotes but I was not the one who formulated the question. I am just stating an opinion in response to the question posed.

Oh trust me, no one is just sitting back and complaining. But of course there is always pushback. “It has been done this way for x years and we will continue doing it this way”. Whenever there is an accusation of sexual abuse, the church and those outside it behave in surprisingly common ways. Everyone starts to close ranks around the accused because he or she was a good man or “he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

NB. I was not addressing the catholic church. I am talking about religious institutions in general.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops hired the head of the FBI’s child abuse division to develop its Safe Environment program.

Safe Environment is now the model for other organizations in the US. I’m telling you that the program works and school districts, corporations and all kinds of organizations are now using the Catholic Church’s model. The Catholic Church’s Safe Environment program is the standard in the USA.

Google Safe Enviroment program and see for yourself.

I had to sit through six hours of training - how to recognize abuse, what my legal and moral obligations are to report suspected abuse, how to report, whom to call, etc. I had to submit to a background check and am not allowed to be in a room or car alone with a child - there has to be two adults present at all times or I get reported. These are just examples. Every employee or volunteer who comes into contact with children has to go through this including priests, deacons PSR teachers and the Archbishop himself.


I know the Catholic Church has taken steps to address the abuse that happened in its folds. Unfortunately, not all religious institutions are taking note and following in its footsteps.

There are still religious institutions (not just christian ones btw) which are not being introspective in light of abuse going on. Abuse does not only happen in the Catholic church…it happens right across all denominations and religions. However, these abuses are not as visible as those exposed recently in the Catholic and Methodist churches. As a result some of these groups have become complacent with respect to reporting and treatment.

I am glad your church is doing all it can to protect minors. I would hope other religious institutions would employ similar steps.

Another problem is that not all religious denominations are hierarchical. The Southern Baptist Convention has come under fire for not “doing more” to prevent abuse in its churches. People don’t appreciate the fact that the Convention cannot create and force its churches to use a denomination-wide child safety plan. That would not be legally possible, since congregations are legally self-governing entities, but it would also violate Baptist polity and ecclesiology for a Convention to usurp congregational authority.

Fair enough, and you stated on later that you were no referring to the Catholic Church. So fine. And look Im not trying to excuse the RCC JUST because I am Catholic, but I take way too many bullies and classes at my Diocese about child safety when I volunteer or speak of discerning priesthood.

I think the Boy Scouts need to get on board.

So what do you want from us?

Go complain on a Presbyterian website or something for crying out loud!


:confused: Huh??

I am not sure why I am getting heat from you for an opinion question that I chose to answer.
Anyway, I apologise and in the future will only answer those questions which you approve and only with the answers you prescribe.
Since I was not “complaining” I do not have to go anywhere. But, I definitely will leave this thread.

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