Is riding a Bike worth it?


I am 21 and as a kid I never learned to ride a bike. And I started to try to learn because people tell me that I “have got to know how” But I keep falling off. Is it really worth learning how at 21? I dont plan on doing it as a hobby or anything.


I have to smile, because I remember my college roommate LEARNING to ride a bike while we were in college.
So no, you’re not alone! :smiley:

As a sense of accomplishment… yes, it’s worth it! Besides, it’s a fantastic form of exercise that you may grow to LOVE once you master it (you really never know until you get there)…

Get a helmet… and go to an empty parking lot EARLY on a Sunday morning (go to Saturday Vigil Mass ;))… and you’ll find the solitude you need…

You CAN do it! :thumbsup:


I think its worth it for later when you possibly have a family. We live close to our school and its nice bikeing with them on nice days.We also have had some nice times during after dinner bike rides. Many vacation place we have gone to rent bikes and again it is a nice family activity.I have to say my mom never learned either though, she never had the balance.


I’m in my 40’s and I never learned to ride a bike OR swim.


totally worth it!
Before I got pregnant in the warmer weather the bike was my sole method of transportation. I would bike wherever I needed to be in the city. It was cheap and fun and it kept me in excellent shape. I am really bummed out that for most of this summer I will be too pregnant to ride a bike or have a newborn so I won’t be able to get out and ride much.
ETA: that makes it sound like I’m bummed out about the baby :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thrilled about the baby! I just wish I could still ride my bike too :thumbsup:


Considering gas prices on the rise it could become your main transportation!


Absolutely, it’s worth it! Have a friend show you the basics, and have at it. :thumbsup: Do wear a helmet, and it might be wise to wear knee and elbow protectors at first until you get the hang of it. You might fall over a few times, but soon you’ll be pedaling away like an old pro! With gas prices sky-high, you might end up riding more than you think. And some day when you are married and have kids, it might be nice to go out biking as a family – my Dad used to take us out biking after dinner most summer evenings, and those are some of my best memories from childhood.


With the price of gasoline (petrol) the way it is, you have to ask???


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