Is right-wing radio anti-Catholic?

I ask as today on the David Gold radio show in the Bay Area (Saturdays noon - 4PM), the question he posited was why were Catholics upset with a chocalte Jesus statue while evangelicals were not.

About 20 called in - almost hald self-described as former Catholics who has “become Christian”. They almost all said Christians were focused on the resurrected Christ - hence no corpus on the cross - while Catholics were focused on the Crucification.

Only one person called in defending/explaining the Catholic stance but she was obviously elderly. Fitting the sterotype I guess.

David Gold is an evangelical but definitely has never shown any anti-Catholicism. But it does seem to be lurking beneath the surface. You see that on the Sussman show on KSFO in the Bay Area.

Even Hannity on his radio show is attacking the Church on contraception and its just war theory. He warned priests not to deny him communion. But it sounds like he is about to convert to evangelicalism anyway.

So, is anti-Catholicsim lurking beneath right-wing radio?

How is the term right wing used? That aside…

I say that from listening to Sussman and Hannity that they do not know the Catholic teaching. In the case of Sussman he seems to be into the rapture type of bible interpretation. In the case of Hannity he is poorly cathecised. Sean need to read the cathecisim of the Catholic Church or at least look up some apolgetics on the Catholic Answers web site.
Sussman would benefit too by visiting CA website.

This is not news since there is no link to a news source.

As for right wing radio being anti-Catholic. No. It is main stream liberal media that is anti-Catholic.

Sussman said something to the effect that the “Christians” forced out of Iraq by Bush’s invasion were not really Christian anyway becuase they were not born-again. You are correct he seems to be “caught up” in the rapture. Plus just a nasty person. The way he treats callers to his show who disagree. Well i disagree with him and no longer listen to the 6 - 8 hour on KSFO or the Monday morning hour and have so written KSFO. I find the many totally offensive on all kinds of levels. - they should have Gold’s Saturday program archived by early next week.

And another link -

Thanks for being such a good police-person.

I listen to talk radio. I think the politics and other secular information is informative.

But I get my religious teaching from the Holy Catholic Church only. As long as you don’t think those that are on the radio are your spiritual advisers you are OK. :smiley:

Very well put!:thumbsup:

David Gold is an evangelical but definitely has never shown any anti-Catholicism.

Here in the great Northwest, our self-described Catholic morning talk show blasted Bill Donohue and the Catholic League for making such a stink about this “sculpture”. I was so enraged listening to this buffoon, who consistently misrepresents the Church, that I emailed him as soon as I got near a computer. So it’s not just right wing or evangelical talk show hosts-even our own kind don’t understand!

I don’t think most of the radio programs mentioned are anti-Catholic. I thank God for conservative radio wether it’s Christian or not because it is at least defending many of the religious and other rights we enjoy and offering an alternative to the secular liberal worldview. I believe most people don’t understand Catholics because they see so much hypocracy (I know that its everywhere, but they don’t expect to see it in the Church) and many Catholic beliefs that don’t appear to be supported by the Bible. A few examples would be infant baptism, praying to Mary and saints instead of to the Father in the name of Jesus, more emphasis on Catholic teaching than the scriptures themselves. They see very little fruit on the trees of the confirmed. Where people see apathy they wonder why there is so little passion for what people say they believe. Has it changed their lives at all? Most Catholics don’t like or understand the term “born again” didn’t Jesus use the term himself?

Well, the Bible teaches us that we have an enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy. He doesn’t want unity among believers. How can the body of Christ be effective if it’s parts are in rebellion with one another. If the head of the church is Jesus Christ, why don’t we all start by submitting to him and developing that relationship.
Just a few thoughts late in the night I thought I’d share…

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