Is Robert Sungenis good to read?

I was reading Not By Scripture Alone and my favorite parts were by Robert Sungenis for there acadimic tone. So I got two of his other books Not By Faith Alone and Not By Bread Alone. Anyway I was reading this article on Wikipedia on him and it talks about how he didn’t get an impromtur on Not by Bread Alone and how there are some theological question marks (notedly around unnamed ideas of his about the Jews). Is it true what the articale says about the Impromtur on Not By Bread Alone or where there other reasons? And what was his controversial views on the Jews? And is there anything else I should know before reading his two books? Thanks and God bless.

Robert says that the imprimatur issue on Not By Bread Alone was a jurisdictional issue.

For his Jewish position, see his Jewish position paper. You may also be interested in his recent letter to Cardinal Levada.

Mark Wyatt

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