Is Rolling Your Eyes at Your Mother a Sin?

So me and my father were getting ready to play a game of chess when my mother decided to call me upstairs to see something random on TV. While getting up I felt the urge to roll my eyes. I don’t know if I was rolling my eyes or looking at my father. I felt the urge to roll my eyes at my mother even though she wasn’t present in the room.

Now rolling your eyes is not normally a sin. If it is a sin it is venial; However, in this case I would have been rolling my eyes at my mother, which would be violating the respect your parents rule.

I don’t know if I had full consent. I felt a bit disgruntled when my mother called me upstairs and when I was getting up and looking at my father.

I tried doing a search for previous threads and all are just about rolling eyes in general. Nothing about parents.

What if 30 posters answered no and 10 said yes. What would you do?

I’m not sure, but I might refrain from receiving the Eucharist (I haven’t been able to receive the Eucharist for a few months now I think: I keep sinning right after confession :() tomorrow and confess my sin next Saturday.

I definitely do not want to desecrate the Eucharist. :eek:

It’s summer. It’s ordinary time.

Call up your parish priest and make an appointment with him to talk about this. You are not too busy. He is not too busy.

Quit asking us. We cannot help you.

Hi Melodeonist,
Please read this:
Go to October- Obedience and look at the venial sins for this section.
I am almost certain that rolling your eyes at your Mom would fit into this category.
Rolling your eyes is yes, rude, but I do not believe it would be categorized as a mortal sin.

In response to your mentioning of not receiving the Eucharist, I do not you personally, I do not know your back story, but from my perspective, I do not think that you are sinning mortally as often as you think you are- if at all. Trust in the Lord.
I have heard this advice before:
If you are scrupulous, and are in doubt as to whether you have mortally sinned or not, trust in the Lord’s mercy, say an Act of Contrition in your head as Communion is about to be given out, and receive the Eucharist.
The Eucharist is the Lord’s gift to us- He loves all of us very much. :slight_smile:

Why do you post polls about the state of your immortal soul?

You have all the information about what sin consists of. You have been told time and time again.

Now I have rolled my eyes at my mom for about 41 years. Are you forbidding me from receiving? Are you condemning me to hell?

Two things I have learned about people who are scrupulous on these threads.
It is driven by a need to tell people how good you are ( your main concern is that you express this minor thing as a major sin for you) or an underlying need to judge others who may do the same or worse.

Because logic cannot be a part of the process, I urge you to seek help from a priest and stop polling posters who do not know you. It is a poor stick to measure and dicern with.

Can you tell me if I should not recieve on Sunday? Can you judge my soul? Then why can we judge yours?

So if THREE TIMES the amount of people say it’s ok. Then you take the word of the minority!? How is that logical at all?

It’s the most mortal sin of all. My mother told me so.

You think too much. It is rude to roll your eyes at your mother. Mortal sin? Really I hope not. There are three conditions for something to be a mortal sin.


You broke this commandment when you showed disrespect for your mother. It doesn’t matter if she saw you roll your eyes; God saw you. :tsktsk:

Go to confession! :signofcross:

Are you familiar with the poster’s history?

:hug3: Make an appointment to talk with your parish priest about your scrupulosity.

This thread is not going to help you, dear.

Melodeonist, we’ve all told you to seek help for scruples and get a regular confessor. You won’t (or at least haven’t).

People only have so much time and effort to devote to someone who won’t listen to them.

You aren’t learning; you aren’t growing; this board has become a crutch you run to rather than develop a properly formed conscience, and is becoming counterproductive. You have many friends here who are interested in your situation, but you can surely detect many are becoming frustrated at your repetitive posts over mundane matters (which are not mortal sins). I also think you can detect this feeling: people wouldn’t object as much as they do if you would in fact seek help, which you’re not doing.

We can only say this so much: SEEK HELP FOR SCRUPULOSITY, PLEASE!

Scrupulosity is a real spiritual issue.
Tend to it.
No one here can fix it for you/ You have to do the work yourself with the guidance of a good priest, which I’m sure you have available to you.
A good and holy priest here has same as much. Follow his advice if you wont listen to anyone else.

You are being very scrupulous and I don’t think it’s healthy for you. I would recommend finding a spiritual advisor through the church, or meet with your Priest to talk about your concerns.

Haha 29 years for me! I think my mom can hear my eyes over the phone…

For the record, I love my mom very much!

Absolutely. You will be sent to the deepest circle of hell along with Judas Iscariot [1] :bigyikes:, and you will be forced to listen to Danzig’s “Mother” [2] over and over again :hypno:, while those in the higher circles cackle about how they have it better than you. :smiley:

How do I know it? I asked 30 random people on another Internet forum and distilled their answers. Now, say thanks! :slight_smile:

[1] see his “Inferno”
[2] if you don’t like that one, they’ll make you listen to the Pink Floyd song of the same name.

No…ABBA :eek:

I think you’re being a little scrupulous. But as said, even if it is a sin I would say it’s venial.


I have seen many of your threads where you explain a situation and then wonder if it is a mortal sin. When posters say no, you say yes.

This site is bad for you, Melodeonist. It doesn’t help you with anything. It doesn’t help you to learn for yourself the different types of sin. It doesn’t help you in catergorising your own behaviour. It doesn’t help you to move on from your scrupulosity.

You need to get a spiritual director, and you need to listen to everything they say. Being on these forums will get you many different opinions and will make things worse. You have to rely on yourself to decide if what you did was a sin, and if you aren’t sure, you should ask your spirtual director. Don’t come to strangers on the internet. CAF isn’t good for you, Melodeonist. Yes, it’s a great place but all it allows you to do is feed your scruples and have a temporary relief instead of actually dealing with them.

I hope you see a spiritual director, Melodeonist. Scrupulocity is a type of OCD. You need to get proper help from it. Confront the source of the problem. You’ll feel so much better.


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