Is running a stop sign a sin if you can see clearly that no one is coming?

Just to what extent are we supposed to follow the letter of the law…

Government is in a position of authority over us…and if what they are asking is not immoral, we have an obligation to follow the law.

Yes it is a sin, maybe not as we often think a sin is, but break the law is a sin. And as (retired) lorry driver I can tell you that it is not only against the law and a sin it is stupid. You may think you don’t see anyone coming but a stop sign is in a place where the speed is high on the main road and the visibility often poor and do you know how long it takes to stop a lorry who is driving 80 km/h? Too long to be able to avoid a accident. So you, and all others who read this: follow the rules and you will get home in one piece, and how much time you really think you save by not stop? Around one minute, and I think a life is worth more. So stop, and look, then continue.

No…but you never know if a cop is hiding and ready to pull you over!

This isn’t a sin don’t worry

We are to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”; unless something immoral is required, or there is a grave reason not to.

The roads belong to “Caesar”, therefore we are to follow the rules.

There are grave reasons to run a stop, but saving a few seconds is not one of them. And as someone remarked, you could get busted, not worth it!!!


Well, to knowingly run a red light if it could have reasonably avoided is at best a civil misdemeanour, and one that could lead to a bad habit that could eventually lead to an ‘accident’ or getting bagged by the Law.

The biggest danger of such a habit, and such use of ‘justification’, is that it could migrate in the psyche to ‘excuse’ more spiritually serious issues. Best to avoid the occasion of sin AND that which could well lead to the occasion or habit of sin.

ps. Eddie - Here in the UK it is referred to as ‘the Queen’s highway’, and even her official limo does not display any licence plate to prove the point - though her private cars do, maybe so she can let others use them.

That doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do.

I have always been a very good driver, but I took a lot of the shortcuts that people tend to do: rolling through stop signs, “pushing it” on the yellow lights, setting my cruise control comfortably 5mph over the speed limit on the highway. And even if none of those things were technically sinful, they led me to get really stressed about driving. I was always worried I’d see a cop, got annoyed with other drivers who were “in my way” of taking these kinds of shortcuts, etc. I’ve never been a horn honker, because I think it’s way overused and even more stressful in high traffic situations (Who was that? Are they mad at me? What did I do? etc) But I would get really irritated whenever I was in the car. I wanted to make my trips faster and darn it, those other cars wouldn’t let me!

I finally noticed how stressed out I was getting and now I (usually) take care to follow all of the laws to the letter, even though it probably does slow me down some. But I’m much nicer to other drivers and a LOT calmer while I’m driving, which is a lot safer. There are a couple of roads around here where driving the speed limit to the letter is going to get you rear-ended, so I go a leetle faster to avoid accidents, but I stay in the right-hand lane and quit caring about the cars flying past me, because after all, I’m not in a race. :shrug:

Good point, render to Caesar—laws are made to protect us. Once you get a ticket for it, you will never do it again. ( My son received one in the mail from Photo-Enforcement.) Passing a stop sign even though looking first, and rolling at a stop sign are forms of cheating. What should you do at a stop sign? Make a full stop and proceed when safe. Discipline yourself just as you must for not breaking the 10 Commandments and laws of the Catholic Church. You must also follow the rules of the road and civic laws. A venial or mortal sin? Need to confess? Yes. Clear your conscience.

Pride and being self centered is a sin. Why do you feel you are so special that you are above the law?

Yes it is a sin and a really bad decision.

Yeah it’s a sin. Your senses are not infallible. People have done this very thing many times only to directly pull out in front of somebody. It happens all the time.

You shouldn’t run stop signs even if you’re sitting in the middle of an empty road in Nebraska. You’re cultivating impatience and imprudence. Just spend the 2 seconds to let the wheels stop turning. The more you do it, the more natural it becomes. The less you do it, the more unnecessarily difficult it becomes. Force of habit can be extremely bad or extremely good.


It is just a hypothetical question.

Then all replies are directed at a hypothetical person!

It is a good questioned and makes us think twice. How many of us are guilty of the same thing? I know I have done it a time or two.

I think everybody has.

Still, in the interest of the common good, we should obey, and count it toward our penance!


Please reread the title of the thread folks. The way i interpret this post does not rise to the level of grave moral matter if a transgression is made (running a stop). If on the other hand, there is a slight chance by running the stop an accident may occur, then the transgression may be a mortal sin. The latter scenerio was not implied in the title of the thread

It is wrong to run a stop sign even if “you can see clearly that no one is coming” because you need to stop to be sure that no one is coming. That’s the purpose of the stop sign and the law. Traffic laws are written in blood, and the stop signs or new traffic lights are often put up after a lot of people died in that spot. So, it is grave sin to intentionally or carelessly do this because if you run a traffic light you risk not just your life but the lives of others. You could end up killing someone’s mother, someone’s baby, or an entire family. This is a very grave matter.

I have never intentionally ran a stop light. It’s happened where I didn’t see the stop sign and accidentally ran it. But if I did ever run a stop sign intentionally, it wouldn’t make it okay. It would still be a grave sin if I did this.

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