Is sacrileged my bible if has a page broken


The bible is from my gradmother (R.I.P) it has like 30 years or plus i dont know exactly and i found it has a page broken and some injures i dont know if i got a sacrileged bible. Its beatiful and contains ilustrations and its an old version in spanish which i could not found anywhere, so i like to read from it and i love that bible for being from my grandma.

However, tell me: what should i do???


Please keep it, something that beautiful left by your grandmother. why would you think it would be a sacrilege to keep it? It may have gotten worn and torn a little over the years, but that’/s alright, it shows how often your grandmother used it. The fact that, it is in Spanish and useful to you is also another gift from her. It seems to me your grandmother was a very special lady and you were blessed by God to have her.and the very special book she gave you.:butterfly::butterfly: God Bless you.


What would be your sin if you respect a bible that has been sacrileged? It’s not you who did it and you treat it as you should so why would it be a sin? Plus to throw it away is sacrilege too and then it’s yours so it’s better to keep it.


Not “sacriliged” (is that a real adjective?). Just well-loved.


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