Is salvation possible for me?


I have been a staunch atheist for many years but have seen the light of Jesus. I have read the Bible in its entirety and certain works of Catholic mystics. It seems to me that the Catholic church is the true Church.

My problem is that I am a college student who suffers from very severe social anxiety disorder. I find it it hard to go to school or enter new environments. I am worried about my salvation if I cannot enter the Church because of these reasons (social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia) and because my family might reject me.

I was baptized but have never been a member of any church. Is it possible that I can attain salvation by devotion in my heart to Christ while never formally joining the Catholic Church?
This is an important question for me. I hope it is appropriate for this board. I apologize if it is not.


Dear Friend,

Certainly, salvation is possible for you. The very gift of faith that you now have is the direct result of the power of the Holy Spirit working within you. You can be sure that God would never give you the desire to be a Catholic and then remove the possibility of fulfilling that desire. I will contact your privately. We need to find a priest or parish that can create a private program that will fulfill your specific needs. I have answered this publicly so that people can pray for you and also as an encouragement to others who might have a similar problem.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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