Is satan happy with abortion

satan likes the murder and the sin but if the aborted babies go to heaven that would make him angry so whats he playing at

Anything which promotes a culture of death & use is something that would be desirous for Satan.

Being murdered is never something that God calls a person towards or wills deliberately (though he does permit people to abuse their will to commit it, as we can see with his own Son who wished to have the cup taken from him), so those who are aborted are not fulfilling whatever purpose they were meant to perform in life, even if that were to live a little bit longer before being stillborn. God will still make good out of the greatest evil, of course, but the calling of those souls is being cut off at the will of their own biological parent (usually) in order to service a utilitarian convenience, which is radically evil.


Self-annihilation is the ultimate indignity to mankind. Rampant abortion would achieve this incrementally by reversing population growth. Russia had actually arrived at a point of negative population growth because of increased abortions. At one point, abortions outnumbered live births and population growth went into decline.

On a spiritual plane, in his article Abortion as a Pagan Sacrifice, Fr. John Hardon, S.J. explains that abortion :

. . . is inspired by the evil spirits who, in Christian terms, were and are the malignant deities of paganism. These deities, often goddesses, demanded the sacrifice of children to be propitiated. Unless children were killed and offered to these gods, they would avenge their anger against the people in the most devastating ways.

As believing Catholics, we know that behind the murder of unborn children is the superhuman mind and malevolent will of Satan and his minions. To know this is to also know that only divine power is a match for the demonic power behind abortion.

Each child is a gift from God. We have no idea how many Albert Einstein’s, how many Louis Pasteur’s, how many St. Mother Theresa’s , how many St. John Paul II’s we have aborted. Perhaps we were even meant to have another Curé of Ars.

Satan hates all mankind. He would like us all to perish.

I believe that increased abortion in the world augments the power of evil, so to speak. We would appear to have a reflection of that in those politicians and heads of state who support abortion : The more who support it, the more it grows in popularity. And all these government types are living quite well off the fat of their governmental salaries.

A specific example : Up here north of the 49th, our current Prime Minister has said that Candidates Opposed to Abortion Cannot Run for his Liberal Party

So much for Freedom of Conscience.

Lord, save us .

None of us will ever know, only speculation. But I think we can make a educated guess that Satan would be pleased for those who choose the evils of abortion. Satan doesnt care about individuals.

Of course Satan delights in abortion. One of the characteristics of the diabolical is perversion. Think of pro-abortion protestors when they pervert the words of consecration: “This is my body.” A mother killing her baby is probably one of the top five gravest sins. I think Jesus specifically mentioned the sin of abortion during His private revelations with St. Faustina as one that He hates the most.

I don’t see him as ever being happy, more like pleased with himself.

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